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uioc Struct Reference

#include <megaraid_ioctl.h>

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Detailed Description

struct uioc_t - the common ioctl packet structure

: Must be "$$_EXTD_IOCTL_$$" : Type of the mail box (MB_LEGACY or MB_HPE) : Type of the issuing application (existing or new) : Opcode of the command : Adapter number : Pointer to buffer - can point to mbox or plain data buffer : xferlen for DCMD and non mailbox commands : Direction of the data transfer : Status from the driver : reserved bytes for future expansion

: user data transfer address is saved in this : length of the data buffer sent by user app : user passthru address is saves in this (null if DCMD) : kernel address passthru (allocated per kioc) : physicall address of : for kioc free pool list maintenance : call back routine for llds to call when kioc is completed : dma pool buffer attached to kioc for data transfer : physical address of the dma pool buffer : index of the dma pool that is taken from : indicates if buffer needs to be freed after kioc completes

Note : All LSI drivers understand only this packet. Any other : format sent by applications would be converted to this.

Definition at line 117 of file megaraid_ioctl.h.

Public Attributes

uint32_t adapno
uint16_t app_type
dma_addr_t buf_paddr
caddr_t buf_vaddr
uint64_t cmdbuf
uint32_t data_dir
void(* done )(struct uioc *)
uint8_t free_buf
struct list_head list
uint16_t mb_type
uint32_t opcode
uint32_t pad_for_64bit_align
int8_t pool_index
mraid_passthru_t * pthru32
dma_addr_t pthru32_h
uint8_t reserved [128]
uint8_t signature [EXT_IOCTL_SIGN_SZ]
int32_t status
uint8_t timedout
void __user * user_data
uint32_t user_data_len
mraid_passthru_t __user * user_pthru
uint32_t xferlen

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