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 * A really private header file for the (dumb) serial driver in arch/ppc/boot
 * Shamelessly taken from include/linux/serialP.h:
 * Copyright (C) 1997 by Theodore Ts'o.
 * Redistribution of this file is permitted under the terms of the GNU
 * Public License (GPL)


 * This is our internal structure for each serial port's state.
 * Many fields are paralleled by the structure used by the serial_struct
 * structure.
 * Given that this is how SERIAL_PORT_DFNS are done, and that we need
 * to use a few of their fields, we need to have our own copy of it.
struct serial_state {
      int   magic;
      int   baud_base;
      unsigned long     port;
      int   irq;
      int   flags;
      int   hub6;
      int   type;
      int   line;
      int   revision;   /* Chip revision (950) */
      int   xmit_fifo_size;
      int   custom_divisor;
      int   count;
      u8    *iomem_base;
      u16   iomem_reg_shift;
      unsigned short    close_delay;
      unsigned short    closing_wait; /* time to wait before closing */
      unsigned long     icount;
      int   io_type;
      void    *info;
      void    *dev;
#endif /* _PPC_BOOT_SERIAL_H */

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