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 * local mtrr defines.

#ifndef TRUE
#define TRUE  1
#define FALSE 0

#define MTRRcap_MSR     0x0fe
#define MTRRdefType_MSR 0x2ff

#define MTRRphysBase_MSR(reg) (0x200 + 2 * (reg))
#define MTRRphysMask_MSR(reg) (0x200 + 2 * (reg) + 1)

#define MTRRfix64K_00000_MSR 0x250
#define MTRRfix16K_80000_MSR 0x258
#define MTRRfix16K_A0000_MSR 0x259
#define MTRRfix4K_C0000_MSR 0x268
#define MTRRfix4K_C8000_MSR 0x269
#define MTRRfix4K_D0000_MSR 0x26a
#define MTRRfix4K_D8000_MSR 0x26b
#define MTRRfix4K_E0000_MSR 0x26c
#define MTRRfix4K_E8000_MSR 0x26d
#define MTRRfix4K_F0000_MSR 0x26e
#define MTRRfix4K_F8000_MSR 0x26f

#define MTRR_CHANGE_MASK_FIXED     0x01

/* In the Intel processor's MTRR interface, the MTRR type is always held in
   an 8 bit field: */
typedef u8 mtrr_type;

struct mtrr_ops {
      u32   vendor;
      u32   use_intel_if;
//    void  (*init)(void);
      void  (*set)(unsigned int reg, unsigned long base,
                   unsigned long size, mtrr_type type);
      void  (*set_all)(void);

      void  (*get)(unsigned int reg, unsigned long *base,
                   unsigned long *size, mtrr_type * type);
      int   (*get_free_region)(unsigned long base, unsigned long size,
                           int replace_reg);
      int   (*validate_add_page)(unsigned long base, unsigned long size,
                             unsigned int type);
      int   (*have_wrcomb)(void);

extern int generic_get_free_region(unsigned long base, unsigned long size,
                           int replace_reg);
extern int generic_validate_add_page(unsigned long base, unsigned long size,
                             unsigned int type);

extern struct mtrr_ops generic_mtrr_ops;

extern int positive_have_wrcomb(void);

/* library functions for processor-specific routines */
struct set_mtrr_context {
      unsigned long flags;
      unsigned long cr4val;
      u32 deftype_lo;
      u32 deftype_hi;
      u32 ccr3;

struct mtrr_var_range {
      u32 base_lo;
      u32 base_hi;
      u32 mask_lo;
      u32 mask_hi;

void set_mtrr_done(struct set_mtrr_context *ctxt);
void set_mtrr_cache_disable(struct set_mtrr_context *ctxt);
void set_mtrr_prepare_save(struct set_mtrr_context *ctxt);

void get_mtrr_state(void);

extern void set_mtrr_ops(struct mtrr_ops * ops);

extern u64 size_or_mask, size_and_mask;
extern struct mtrr_ops * mtrr_if;

#define is_cpu(vnd)     (mtrr_if && mtrr_if->vendor == X86_VENDOR_##vnd)
#define use_intel()     (mtrr_if && mtrr_if->use_intel_if == 1)

extern unsigned int num_var_ranges;

void mtrr_state_warn(void);
const char *mtrr_attrib_to_str(int x);
void mtrr_wrmsr(unsigned, unsigned, unsigned);

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