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 * A collection of structures, addresses, and values associated with
 * the Bright Star Engineering ip-Engine board.  Copied from the MBX stuff.
 * Copyright (c) 1998 Dan Malek (dmalek@jlc.net)

#ifndef __ASSEMBLY__
/* A Board Information structure that is given to a program when
 * prom starts it up.
typedef struct bd_info {
      unsigned int      bi_memstart;      /* Memory start address */
      unsigned int      bi_memsize; /* Memory (end) size in bytes */
      unsigned int      bi_intfreq; /* Internal Freq, in Hz */
      unsigned int      bi_busfreq; /* Bus Freq, in Hz */
      unsigned char     bi_enetaddr[6];
      unsigned int      bi_baudrate;
} bd_t;

extern bd_t m8xx_board_info;

/* Memory map is configured by the PROM startup.
 * All we need to get started is the IMMR.
#define IMAP_ADDR       ((uint)0xff000000)
#define IMAP_SIZE       ((uint)(64 * 1024))
#define PCMCIA_MEM_ADDR       ((uint)0x04000000)
#define PCMCIA_MEM_SIZE       ((uint)(64 * 1024))
#endif      /* !__ASSEMBLY__ */

/* We don't use the 8259.
#define NR_8259_INTS    0


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