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 * cpuidle.h - The internal header file


#include <linux/sysdev.h>

/* For internal use only */
extern struct cpuidle_governor *cpuidle_curr_governor;
extern struct cpuidle_driver *cpuidle_curr_driver;
extern struct list_head cpuidle_governors;
extern struct list_head cpuidle_detected_devices;
extern struct mutex cpuidle_lock;
extern spinlock_t cpuidle_driver_lock;

/* idle loop */
extern void cpuidle_install_idle_handler(void);
extern void cpuidle_uninstall_idle_handler(void);

/* governors */
extern int cpuidle_switch_governor(struct cpuidle_governor *gov);

/* sysfs */
extern int cpuidle_add_class_sysfs(struct sysdev_class *cls);
extern void cpuidle_remove_class_sysfs(struct sysdev_class *cls);
extern int cpuidle_add_state_sysfs(struct cpuidle_device *device);
extern void cpuidle_remove_state_sysfs(struct cpuidle_device *device);
extern int cpuidle_add_sysfs(struct sys_device *sysdev);
extern void cpuidle_remove_sysfs(struct sys_device *sysdev);

#endif /* __DRIVER_CPUIDLE_H */

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