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 * dst-bt878.h: part of the DST driver for the TwinHan DST Frontend
 * Copyright (C) 2003 Jamie Honan

struct dst_gpio_enable {
      u32   mask;
      u32   enable;

struct dst_gpio_output {
      u32   mask;
      u32   highvals;

struct dst_gpio_read {
      unsigned long value;

union dst_gpio_packet {
      struct dst_gpio_enable enb;
      struct dst_gpio_output outp;
      struct dst_gpio_read rd;
      int    psize;

#define DST_IG_ENABLE   0
#define DST_IG_WRITE    1
#define DST_IG_READ     2
#define DST_IG_TS       3

struct bt878;

int bt878_device_control(struct bt878 *bt, unsigned int cmd, union dst_gpio_packet *mp);

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