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/* $Id: entity.h,v 1.4 2004/03/21 17:26:01 armin Exp $ */


#define DIVA_UM_IDI_RC_PENDING      0x00000001
#define DIVA_UM_IDI_REMOVE_PENDING  0x00000002
#define DIVA_UM_IDI_TX_FLOW_CONTROL 0x00000004
#define DIVA_UM_IDI_REMOVED         0x00000008
#define DIVA_UM_IDI_ASSIGN_PENDING  0x00000010

typedef struct _divas_um_idi_entity {
      struct list_head          link;
      diva_um_idi_adapter_t*    adapter; /* Back to adapter */
      ENTITY                    e;
      void*                     os_ref;
      dword                     status;
      void*                     os_context;
      int                       rc_count;
      diva_um_idi_data_queue_t  data; /* definad by user 1 ... MAX */
      diva_um_idi_data_queue_t  rc;   /* two entries */
      BUFFERS                   XData;
      BUFFERS                   RData;
      byte                      buffer[2048+512];
} divas_um_idi_entity_t;


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