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/* $Id: fsm.h,v 2001/09/23 22:24:47 kai Exp $
 * Finite state machine
 * Author       Karsten Keil
 * Copyright    by Karsten Keil      <keil@isdn4linux.de>
 *              by Kai Germaschewski <kai.germaschewski@gmx.de>
 * This software may be used and distributed according to the terms
 * of the GNU General Public License, incorporated herein by reference.

#ifndef __FSM_H__
#define __FSM_H__

#include <linux/timer.h>

struct FsmInst;

typedef void (* FSMFNPTR)(struct FsmInst *, int, void *);

struct Fsm {
      FSMFNPTR *jumpmatrix;
      int state_count, event_count;
      char **strEvent, **strState;

struct FsmInst {
      struct Fsm *fsm;
      int state;
      int debug;
      void *userdata;
      int userint;
      void (*printdebug) (struct FsmInst *, char *, ...);

struct FsmNode {
      int state, event;
      void (*routine) (struct FsmInst *, int, void *);

struct FsmTimer {
      struct FsmInst *fi;
      struct timer_list tl;
      int event;
      void *arg;

int FsmNew(struct Fsm *fsm, struct FsmNode *fnlist, int fncount);
void FsmFree(struct Fsm *fsm);
int FsmEvent(struct FsmInst *fi, int event, void *arg);
void FsmChangeState(struct FsmInst *fi, int newstate);
void FsmInitTimer(struct FsmInst *fi, struct FsmTimer *ft);
int FsmAddTimer(struct FsmTimer *ft, int millisec, int event,
            void *arg, int where);
void FsmRestartTimer(struct FsmTimer *ft, int millisec, int event,
                 void *arg, int where);
void FsmDelTimer(struct FsmTimer *ft, int where);


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