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/* $Id: isdnl1.h,v 2004/02/11 13:21:34 keil Exp $
 * Layer 1 defines
 * This software may be used and distributed according to the terms
 * of the GNU General Public License, incorporated herein by reference.

#define D_RCVBUFREADY   0
#define D_XMTBUFREADY   1
#define D_CLEARBUSY     3
#define D_RX_MON0 4
#define D_RX_MON1 5
#define D_TX_MON0 6
#define D_TX_MON1 7
#define E_RCVBUFREADY   8

#define B_RCVBUFREADY   0
#define B_XMTBUFREADY   1
#define B_ACKPENDING    2

void debugl1(struct IsdnCardState *cs, char *fmt, ...);
void DChannel_proc_xmt(struct IsdnCardState *cs);
void DChannel_proc_rcv(struct IsdnCardState *cs);
void l1_msg(struct IsdnCardState *cs, int pr, void *arg);
void l1_msg_b(struct PStack *st, int pr, void *arg);
void Logl2Frame(struct IsdnCardState *cs, struct sk_buff *skb, char *buf,
            int dir);
void BChannel_bh(struct work_struct *work);

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