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 * This program is used to generate definitions needed by
 * assembly language modules.
 * We use the technique used in the OSF Mach kernel code:
 * generate asm statements containing #defines,
 * compile this file to assembler, and then extract the
 * #defines from the assembly-language output.

#include <linux/stddef.h>
#include <linux/sched.h>
#include <linux/kernel_stat.h>
#include <asm/bootinfo.h>
#include <asm/irq.h>
#include <asm/amigahw.h>
#include <linux/font.h>

#define DEFINE(sym, val) \
      asm volatile("\n->" #sym " %0 " #val : : "i" (val))

int main(void)
      /* offsets into the task struct */
      DEFINE(TASK_STATE, offsetof(struct task_struct, state));
      DEFINE(TASK_FLAGS, offsetof(struct task_struct, flags));
      DEFINE(TASK_PTRACE, offsetof(struct task_struct, ptrace));
      DEFINE(TASK_THREAD, offsetof(struct task_struct, thread));
      DEFINE(TASK_INFO, offsetof(struct task_struct, thread.info));
      DEFINE(TASK_MM, offsetof(struct task_struct, mm));
      DEFINE(TASK_ACTIVE_MM, offsetof(struct task_struct, active_mm));

      /* offsets into the thread struct */
      DEFINE(THREAD_KSP, offsetof(struct thread_struct, ksp));
      DEFINE(THREAD_USP, offsetof(struct thread_struct, usp));
      DEFINE(THREAD_SR, offsetof(struct thread_struct, sr));
      DEFINE(THREAD_FS, offsetof(struct thread_struct, fs));
      DEFINE(THREAD_CRP, offsetof(struct thread_struct, crp));
      DEFINE(THREAD_ESP0, offsetof(struct thread_struct, esp0));
      DEFINE(THREAD_FPREG, offsetof(struct thread_struct, fp));
      DEFINE(THREAD_FPCNTL, offsetof(struct thread_struct, fpcntl));
      DEFINE(THREAD_FPSTATE, offsetof(struct thread_struct, fpstate));

      /* offsets into the thread_info struct */
      DEFINE(TINFO_PREEMPT, offsetof(struct thread_info, preempt_count));
      DEFINE(TINFO_FLAGS, offsetof(struct thread_info, flags));

      /* offsets into the pt_regs */
      DEFINE(PT_D0, offsetof(struct pt_regs, d0));
      DEFINE(PT_ORIG_D0, offsetof(struct pt_regs, orig_d0));
      DEFINE(PT_D1, offsetof(struct pt_regs, d1));
      DEFINE(PT_D2, offsetof(struct pt_regs, d2));
      DEFINE(PT_D3, offsetof(struct pt_regs, d3));
      DEFINE(PT_D4, offsetof(struct pt_regs, d4));
      DEFINE(PT_D5, offsetof(struct pt_regs, d5));
      DEFINE(PT_A0, offsetof(struct pt_regs, a0));
      DEFINE(PT_A1, offsetof(struct pt_regs, a1));
      DEFINE(PT_A2, offsetof(struct pt_regs, a2));
      DEFINE(PT_PC, offsetof(struct pt_regs, pc));
      DEFINE(PT_SR, offsetof(struct pt_regs, sr));
      /* bitfields are a bit difficult */
      DEFINE(PT_VECTOR, offsetof(struct pt_regs, pc) + 4);

      /* offsets into the irq_handler struct */
      DEFINE(IRQ_HANDLER, offsetof(struct irq_node, handler));
      DEFINE(IRQ_DEVID, offsetof(struct irq_node, dev_id));
      DEFINE(IRQ_NEXT, offsetof(struct irq_node, next));

      /* offsets into the kernel_stat struct */
      DEFINE(STAT_IRQ, offsetof(struct kernel_stat, irqs));

      /* offsets into the irq_cpustat_t struct */
      DEFINE(CPUSTAT_SOFTIRQ_PENDING, offsetof(irq_cpustat_t, __softirq_pending));

      /* offsets into the bi_record struct */
      DEFINE(BIR_TAG, offsetof(struct bi_record, tag));
      DEFINE(BIR_SIZE, offsetof(struct bi_record, size));
      DEFINE(BIR_DATA, offsetof(struct bi_record, data));

      /* offsets into font_desc (drivers/video/console/font.h) */
      DEFINE(FONT_DESC_IDX, offsetof(struct font_desc, idx));
      DEFINE(FONT_DESC_NAME, offsetof(struct font_desc, name));
      DEFINE(FONT_DESC_WIDTH, offsetof(struct font_desc, width));
      DEFINE(FONT_DESC_HEIGHT, offsetof(struct font_desc, height));
      DEFINE(FONT_DESC_DATA, offsetof(struct font_desc, data));
      DEFINE(FONT_DESC_PREF, offsetof(struct font_desc, pref));

      /* signal defines */

      /* offsets into the custom struct */
      DEFINE(CUSTOMBASE, &amiga_custom);
      DEFINE(C_INTENAR, offsetof(struct CUSTOM, intenar));
      DEFINE(C_INTREQR, offsetof(struct CUSTOM, intreqr));
      DEFINE(C_INTENA, offsetof(struct CUSTOM, intena));
      DEFINE(C_INTREQ, offsetof(struct CUSTOM, intreq));
      DEFINE(C_SERDATR, offsetof(struct CUSTOM, serdatr));
      DEFINE(C_SERDAT, offsetof(struct CUSTOM, serdat));
      DEFINE(C_SERPER, offsetof(struct CUSTOM, serper));
      DEFINE(CIAABASE, &ciaa);
      DEFINE(CIABBASE, &ciab);
      DEFINE(C_PRA, offsetof(struct CIA, pra));
      DEFINE(ZTWOBASE, zTwoBase);

      return 0;

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