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mga_dma.c File Reference

Detailed Description

DMA support for MGA G200 / G400.

Rickard E. (Rik) Faith <faith@valinux.com>

Jeff Hartmann <jhartmann@valinux.com>

Keith Whitwell <keith@tungstengraphics.com>

Gareth Hughes <gareth@valinux.com>

Definition in file mga_dma.c.

#include "drmP.h"
#include "drm.h"
#include "drm_sarea.h"
#include "mga_drm.h"
#include "mga_drv.h"

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#define FULL_CLEANUP   1
#define MGA_BUFFER_FREE   0
#define MGA_BUFFER_USED   ~0


int mga_dma_bootstrap (struct drm_device *dev, void *data, struct drm_file *file_priv)
int mga_dma_buffers (struct drm_device *dev, void *data, struct drm_file *file_priv)
int mga_dma_flush (struct drm_device *dev, void *data, struct drm_file *file_priv)
static int mga_dma_get_buffers (struct drm_device *dev, struct drm_file *file_priv, struct drm_dma *d)
int mga_dma_init (struct drm_device *dev, void *data, struct drm_file *file_priv)
int mga_dma_reset (struct drm_device *dev, void *data, struct drm_file *file_priv)
static int mga_do_agp_dma_bootstrap (struct drm_device *dev, drm_mga_dma_bootstrap_t *dma_bs)
static int mga_do_cleanup_dma (struct drm_device *dev, int full_cleanup)
static int mga_do_dma_bootstrap (struct drm_device *dev, drm_mga_dma_bootstrap_t *dma_bs)
void mga_do_dma_flush (drm_mga_private_t *dev_priv)
static int mga_do_dma_reset (drm_mga_private_t *dev_priv)
void mga_do_dma_wrap_end (drm_mga_private_t *dev_priv)
void mga_do_dma_wrap_start (drm_mga_private_t *dev_priv)
static int mga_do_init_dma (struct drm_device *dev, drm_mga_init_t *init)
static int mga_do_pci_dma_bootstrap (struct drm_device *dev, drm_mga_dma_bootstrap_t *dma_bs)
int mga_do_wait_for_idle (drm_mga_private_t *dev_priv)
int mga_driver_dma_quiescent (struct drm_device *dev)
void mga_driver_lastclose (struct drm_device *dev)
int mga_driver_load (struct drm_device *dev, unsigned long flags)
int mga_driver_unload (struct drm_device *dev)
static void mga_freelist_cleanup (struct drm_device *dev)
static struct drm_buf * mga_freelist_get (struct drm_device *dev)
static int mga_freelist_init (struct drm_device *dev, drm_mga_private_t *dev_priv)
int mga_freelist_put (struct drm_device *dev, struct drm_buf *buf)

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