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#ifndef IEEE1394_RAW1394_PRIVATE_H
#define IEEE1394_RAW1394_PRIVATE_H

/* header for definitions that are private to the raw1394 driver
   and not visible to user-space */

#define RAW1394_DEVICE_MAJOR      171
#define RAW1394_DEVICE_NAME       "raw1394"

#define RAW1394_MAX_USER_CSR_DIRS   16

struct iso_block_store {
        atomic_t refcount;
        size_t data_size;
        quadlet_t data[0];

enum raw1394_iso_state { RAW1394_ISO_INACTIVE = 0,
                   RAW1394_ISO_RECV = 1,
                   RAW1394_ISO_XMIT = 2 };

struct file_info {
        struct list_head list;

        enum { opened, initialized, connected } state;
        unsigned int protocol_version;

        struct hpsb_host *host;

        struct list_head req_pending;     /* protected by reqlists_lock */
        struct list_head req_complete;    /* protected by reqlists_lock */
        spinlock_t reqlists_lock;
        wait_queue_head_t wait_complete;

        struct list_head addr_list; /* protected by host_info_lock */

        u8 __user *fcp_buffer;

        u8 notification; /* (busreset-notification) RAW1394_NOTIFY_OFF/ON */

      /* new rawiso API */
      enum raw1394_iso_state iso_state;
      struct hpsb_iso *iso_handle;

      /* User space's CSR1212 dynamic ConfigROM directories */
      struct csr1212_keyval *csr1212_dirs[RAW1394_MAX_USER_CSR_DIRS];

      /* Legacy ConfigROM update flag */
      u8 cfgrom_upd;

struct arm_addr {
        struct list_head addr_list; /* file_info list */
        u64    start, end;
        u64    arm_tag;
        u8     access_rights;
        u8     notification_options;
        u8     client_transactions;
        u64    recvb;
        u16    rec_length;
        u8     *addr_space_buffer; /* accessed by read/write/lock requests */

struct pending_request {
        struct list_head list;
        struct file_info *file_info;
        struct hpsb_packet *packet;
        struct iso_block_store *ibs;
        quadlet_t *data;
        int free_data;
        struct raw1394_request req;

struct host_info {
        struct list_head list;
        struct hpsb_host *host;
        struct list_head file_info_list;  /* protected by host_info_lock */

#endif  /* IEEE1394_RAW1394_PRIVATE_H */

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