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#ifndef __ISDN_SC_SCIOC_H__
#define __ISDN_SC_SCIOC_H__

 * This software may be used and distributed according to the terms
 * of the GNU General Public License, incorporated herein by reference.

 * IOCTL Command Codes
#define SCIOCLOAD 0x01  /* Load a firmware record */
#define SCIOCRESET      0x02  /* Perform hard reset */
#define SCIOCDEBUG      0x03  /* Set debug level */
#define SCIOCREV  0x04  /* Get driver revision(s) */
#define SCIOCSTART      0x05  /* Start the firmware */
#define SCIOCGETSWITCH  0x06  /* Get switch type */
#define SCIOCSETSWITCH  0x07  /* Set switch type */
#define SCIOCGETSPID    0x08  /* Get channel SPID */
#define SCIOCSETSPID    0x09  /* Set channel SPID */
#define SCIOCGETDN      0x0A  /* Get channel DN */
#define SCIOCSETDN      0x0B  /* Set channel DN */
#define SCIOCTRACE      0x0C  /* Toggle trace mode */
#define SCIOCSTAT 0x0D  /* Get line status */
#define SCIOCGETSPEED   0x0E  /* Set channel speed */
#define SCIOCSETSPEED   0x0F  /* Set channel speed */
#define SCIOCLOOPTST    0x10  /* Perform loopback test */

typedef struct {
      int device;
      int channel;
      unsigned long command;
      void __user *dataptr;
} scs_ioctl;

/* Size of strings */
#define SCIOC_SPIDSIZE        49
#define SCIOC_SRECSIZE        49

typedef struct {
      unsigned long tx_good;
      unsigned long tx_bad;
      unsigned long rx_good;
      unsigned long rx_bad;
} ChLinkStats;

typedef struct {
      char spid[49];
      char dn[49];
      char call_type;
      char phy_stat;
      ChLinkStats link_stats;
} BRIStat;

typedef BRIStat POTStat;

typedef struct {
      char call_type;
      char call_state;
      char serv_state;
      char phy_stat;
      ChLinkStats link_stats;
} PRIStat;

typedef char PRIInfo;
typedef char BRIInfo;
typedef char POTInfo;

typedef struct {
      char acfa_nos;
      char acfa_ais;
      char acfa_los;
      char acfa_rra;
      char acfa_slpp;
      char acfa_slpn;
      char acfa_fsrf;
} ACFAStat;

typedef struct {
      unsigned char modelid;
      char serial_no[13];
      char part_no[13];
      char load_ver[11];
      char proc_ver[11];
      int iobase;
      long rambase;
      char irq;
      long ramsize;
      char interface;
      char switch_type;
      char l1_status;
      char l2_status;
      ChLinkStats dch_stats;
      ACFAStat AcfaStats;
      union {
            PRIStat pristats[23];
            BRIStat bristats[2];
            POTStat potsstats[2];
      } status;
      union {
            PRIInfo priinfo;
            BRIInfo briinfo;
            POTInfo potsinfo;
      } info;
} boardInfo;

#endif  /*  __ISDN_SC_SCIOC_H__  */

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