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 * (C) 2002 - 2003 Dominik Brodowski <linux@brodo.de>
 *  Licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL License version 2.
 *  Library for common functions for Intel SpeedStep v.1 and v.2 support
 *  BIG FAT DISCLAIMER: Work in progress code. Possibly *dangerous*

/* processors */

#define SPEEDSTEP_PROCESSOR_PIII_C_EARLY  0x00000001  /* Coppermine core */
#define SPEEDSTEP_PROCESSOR_PIII_C        0x00000002  /* Coppermine core */
#define SPEEDSTEP_PROCESSOR_PIII_T        0x00000003  /* Tualatin core */
#define SPEEDSTEP_PROCESSOR_P4M                 0x00000004  /* P4-M  */

/* the following processors are not speedstep-capable and are not auto-detected
 * in speedstep_detect_processor(). However, their speed can be detected using
 * the speedstep_get_processor_frequency() call. */
#define SPEEDSTEP_PROCESSOR_PM                  0xFFFFFF03  /* Pentium M  */
#define SPEEDSTEP_PROCESSOR_P4D                 0xFFFFFF04  /* desktop P4  */
#define SPEEDSTEP_PROCESSOR_PCORE         0xFFFFFF05  /* Core */

/* speedstep states -- only two of them */

#define SPEEDSTEP_HIGH  0x00000000
#define SPEEDSTEP_LOW   0x00000001

/* detect a speedstep-capable processor */
extern unsigned int speedstep_detect_processor (void);

/* detect the current speed (in khz) of the processor */
extern unsigned int speedstep_get_processor_frequency(unsigned int processor);

/* detect the low and high speeds of the processor. The callback
 * set_state"'s first argument is either SPEEDSTEP_HIGH or
 * SPEEDSTEP_LOW; the second argument is zero so that no
 * cpufreq_notify_transition calls are initiated.
extern unsigned int speedstep_get_freqs(unsigned int processor,
      unsigned int *low_speed,
      unsigned int *high_speed,
      unsigned int *transition_latency,
      void (*set_state) (unsigned int state));

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