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channel Struct Reference

#include <ctcmain.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Definition of one channel

Definition at line 85 of file epca.h.

Public Attributes

int asyncflags
int blocked_open
struct board_info * board
unsigned char boardnum
struct board_chan __iomem * brdchan
unsigned long c_cflag
unsigned long c_iflag
unsigned long c_lflag
unsigned long c_oflag
struct ccw1 * ccw
struct ccw_devicecdev
struct ppp_channel * chan
struct rw_semaphore chan_sem
unsigned char channelnum
struct list_head clist
int close_delay
wait_queue_head_t close_wait
int collect_len
spinlock_t collect_lock
struct sk_buff_head collect_queue
int count
unsigned char dcd
uint dev
struct digi_struct digiext
spinlock_t downl
unsigned char dsr
unsigned long event
unsigned short fepcflag
unsigned short fepiflag
unsigned short fepoflag
unsigned char fepstartc
unsigned char fepstartca
unsigned char fepstopc
unsigned char fepstopca
struct ppp_file file
__u32 flags
unsigned char hflow
char id [CTC_ID_SIZE]
unsigned char imodem
struct sk_buff_head io_queue
struct irb * irb
struct list_head list
__u16 logflags
unsigned char m_cts
unsigned char m_dcd
unsigned char m_dsr
unsigned char m_dtr
unsigned char m_ri
unsigned char m_rts
long magic
struct global_data __iomem * mailbox
int max_bufsize
unsigned char modem
unsigned char modemfake
struct net_device * netdev
struct channelnext
unsigned char omodem
wait_queue_head_t open_wait
struct ppp * ppp
struct ctc_profile prof
__u16 protocol
int retry
unsigned short rxbufhead
unsigned short rxbufsize
unsigned char __iomem * rxptr
unsigned char rxwin
unsigned char startc
unsigned char startca
unsigned long statusflags
unsigned char stopc
unsigned char stopca
fsm_timer timer
struct work_struct tqueue
struct sk_buff * trans_skb
unsigned char * trans_skb_data
struct tty_struct * tty
unsigned short txbufhead
unsigned short txbufsize
unsigned char __iomem * txptr
unsigned char txwin
enum channel_types type
rwlock_t upl

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