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Detailed Description

generic_pipe_buf_steal - attempt to take ownership of a : the pipe that the buffer belongs to : the buffer to attempt to steal

Description: This function attempts to steal the . If successful, this function returns 0 and returns with the page locked. The caller may then reuse the page for whatever he wishes, the typical use is insertion into a different file page cache.

Definition at line 36 of file mm_types.h.

Public Attributes

union {
   atomic_t   _mapcount
   unsigned int   inuse
union {
   struct {
      struct address_space *   mapping
      unsigned long   private
   struct page *   first_page
   spinlock_t   ptl
   struct kmem_cache *   slab
union {
   void *   freelist
   pgoff_t   index
atomic_t _count
unsigned long flags
struct list_head lru

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