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/* drivers/atm/tonga.h - Efficient Networks Tonga (PCI bridge) declarations */
/* Written 1995 by Werner Almesberger, EPFL LRC */


#define PCI_TONGA_CTRL  0x60  /* control register */

#define END_SWAP_DMA    0x80  /* endian swap on DMA */
#define END_SWAP_BYTE   0x40  /* endian swap on slave byte accesses */
#define END_SWAP_WORD   0x20  /* endian swap on slave word accesses */
#define SEPROM_MAGIC    0x0c  /* obscure required pattern (ASIC only) */
#define SEPROM_DATA     0x02  /* serial EEPROM data (ASIC only) */
#define SEPROM_CLK      0x01  /* serial EEPROM clock (ASIC only) */

#define SEPROM_ESI_BASE 64    /* start of ESI in serial EEPROM */


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