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/* $Id: um_idi.h,v 1.6 2004/03/21 17:26:01 armin Exp $ */


  interface between UM IDI core and OS dependent part
int diva_user_mode_idi_init(void);
void diva_user_mode_idi_finit(void);
void *divas_um_idi_create_entity(dword adapter_nr, void *file);
int divas_um_idi_delete_entity(int adapter_nr, void *entity);

typedef int (*divas_um_idi_copy_to_user_fn_t) (void *os_handle,
                                     void *dst,
                                     const void *src,
                                     int length);
typedef int (*divas_um_idi_copy_from_user_fn_t) (void *os_handle,
                                     void *dst,
                                     const void *src,
                                     int length);

int diva_um_idi_read(void *entity,
                 void *os_handle,
                 void *dst,
                 int max_length, divas_um_idi_copy_to_user_fn_t cp_fn);

int diva_um_idi_write(void *entity,
                  void *os_handle,
                  const void *src,
                  int length, divas_um_idi_copy_from_user_fn_t cp_fn);

int diva_user_mode_idi_ind_ready(void *entity, void *os_handle);
void *diva_um_id_get_os_context(void *entity);
int diva_os_get_context_size(void);
int divas_um_idi_entity_assigned(void *entity);
int divas_um_idi_entity_start_remove(void *entity);

void diva_um_idi_start_wdog(void *entity);
void diva_um_idi_stop_wdog(void *entity);


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