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#ifndef _LINUX_XD_H
#define _LINUX_XD_H

 * This file contains the definitions for the IO ports and errors etc. for XT hard disk controllers (at least the DTC 5150X).
 * Author: Pat Mackinlay, pat@it.com.au
 * Date: 29/09/92
 * Revised: 01/01/93, ...
 * Ref: DTC 5150X Controller Specification (thanks to Kevin Fowler, kevinf@agora.rain.com)
 * Also thanks to: Salvador Abreu, Dave Thaler, Risto Kankkunen and Wim Van Dorst.

#include <linux/interrupt.h>

/* XT hard disk controller registers */
#define XD_DATA         (xd_iobase + 0x00)      /* data RW register */
#define XD_RESET  (xd_iobase + 0x01)      /* reset WO register */
#define XD_STATUS (xd_iobase + 0x01)      /* status RO register */
#define XD_SELECT (xd_iobase + 0x02)      /* select WO register */
#define XD_JUMPER (xd_iobase + 0x02)      /* jumper RO register */
#define XD_CONTROL      (xd_iobase + 0x03)      /* DMAE/INTE WO register */
#define XD_RESERVED     (xd_iobase + 0x03)      /* reserved */

/* XT hard disk controller commands (incomplete list) */
#define CMD_TESTREADY   0x00  /* test drive ready */
#define CMD_RECALIBRATE 0x01  /* recalibrate drive */
#define CMD_SENSE 0x03  /* request sense */
#define CMD_FORMATDRV   0x04  /* format drive */
#define CMD_VERIFY      0x05  /* read verify */
#define CMD_FORMATTRK   0x06  /* format track */
#define CMD_FORMATBAD   0x07  /* format bad track */
#define CMD_READ  0x08  /* read */
#define CMD_WRITE 0x0A  /* write */
#define CMD_SEEK  0x0B  /* seek */

/* Controller specific commands */
#define CMD_DTCSETPARAM 0x0C  /* set drive parameters (DTC 5150X & CX only?) */
#define CMD_DTCGETECC   0x0D  /* get ecc error length (DTC 5150X only?) */
#define CMD_DTCREADBUF  0x0E  /* read sector buffer (DTC 5150X only?) */
#define CMD_DTCWRITEBUF 0x0F  /* write sector buffer (DTC 5150X only?) */
#define CMD_DTCREMAPTRK 0x11  /* assign alternate track (DTC 5150X only?) */
#define CMD_DTCGETPARAM 0xFB  /* get drive parameters (DTC 5150X only?) */
#define CMD_DTCSETSTEP  0xFC  /* set step rate (DTC 5150X only?) */
#define CMD_DTCSETGEOM  0xFE  /* set geometry data (DTC 5150X only?) */
#define CMD_DTCGETGEOM  0xFF  /* get geometry data (DTC 5150X only?) */
#define CMD_ST11GETGEOM 0xF8  /* get geometry data (Seagate ST11R/M only?) */
#define CMD_WDSETPARAM  0x0C  /* set drive parameters (WD 1004A27X only?) */
#define CMD_XBSETPARAM  0x0C  /* set drive parameters (XEBEC only?) */

/* Bits for command status byte */
#define CSB_ERROR 0x02  /* error */
#define CSB_LUN         0x20  /* logical Unit Number */

/* XT hard disk controller status bits */
#define STAT_READY      0x01  /* controller is ready */
#define STAT_INPUT      0x02  /* data flowing from controller to host */
#define STAT_COMMAND    0x04  /* controller in command phase */
#define STAT_SELECT     0x08  /* controller is selected */
#define STAT_REQUEST    0x10  /* controller requesting data */
#define STAT_INTERRUPT  0x20  /* controller requesting interrupt */

/* XT hard disk controller control bits */
#define PIO_MODE  0x00  /* control bits to set for PIO */
#define DMA_MODE  0x03  /* control bits to set for DMA & interrupt */

#define XD_MAXDRIVES    2     /* maximum 2 drives */
#define XD_TIMEOUT      HZ    /* 1 second timeout */
#define XD_RETRIES      4     /* maximum 4 retries */

#undef DEBUG                  /* define for debugging output */

#ifdef DEBUG
      #define DEBUG_STARTUP   /* debug driver initialisation */
      #define DEBUG_OVERRIDE  /* debug override geometry detection */
      #define DEBUG_READWRITE /* debug each read/write command */
      #define DEBUG_OTHER     /* debug misc. interrupt/DMA stuff */
      #define DEBUG_COMMAND   /* debug each controller command */
#endif /* DEBUG */

/* this structure defines the XT drives and their types */
typedef struct {
      u_char heads;
      u_short cylinders;
      u_char sectors;
      u_char control;
      int unit;

/* this structure defines a ROM BIOS signature */
typedef struct {
      unsigned int offset;
      const char *string;
      void (*init_controller)(unsigned int address);
      void (*init_drive)(u_char drive);
      const char *name;

#ifndef MODULE
static int xd_manual_geo_init (char *command);
#endif /* MODULE */
static u_char xd_detect (u_char *controller, unsigned int *address);
static u_char xd_initdrives (void (*init_drive)(u_char drive));

static void do_xd_request (struct request_queue * q);
static int xd_ioctl (struct inode *inode,struct file *file,unsigned int cmd,unsigned long arg);
static int xd_readwrite (u_char operation,XD_INFO *disk,char *buffer,u_int block,u_int count);
static void xd_recalibrate (u_char drive);

static irqreturn_t xd_interrupt_handler(int irq, void *dev_id);
static u_char xd_setup_dma (u_char opcode,u_char *buffer,u_int count);
static u_char *xd_build (u_char *cmdblk,u_char command,u_char drive,u_char head,u_short cylinder,u_char sector,u_char count,u_char control);
static void xd_watchdog (unsigned long unused);
static inline u_char xd_waitport (u_short port,u_char flags,u_char mask,u_long timeout);
static u_int xd_command (u_char *command,u_char mode,u_char *indata,u_char *outdata,u_char *sense,u_long timeout);

/* card specific setup and geometry gathering code */
static void xd_dtc_init_controller (unsigned int address);
static void xd_dtc5150cx_init_drive (u_char drive);
static void xd_dtc_init_drive (u_char drive);
static void xd_wd_init_controller (unsigned int address);
static void xd_wd_init_drive (u_char drive);
static void xd_seagate_init_controller (unsigned int address);
static void xd_seagate_init_drive (u_char drive);
static void xd_omti_init_controller (unsigned int address);
static void xd_omti_init_drive (u_char drive);
static void xd_xebec_init_controller (unsigned int address);
static void xd_xebec_init_drive (u_char drive);
static void xd_setparam (u_char command,u_char drive,u_char heads,u_short cylinders,u_short rwrite,u_short wprecomp,u_char ecc);
static void xd_override_init_drive (u_char drive);

#endif /* _LINUX_XD_H */

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