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 *  include/asm-s390/cio.h
 *  include/asm-s390x/cio.h
 * Common interface for I/O on S/390
#ifndef _ASM_S390_CIO_H_
#define _ASM_S390_CIO_H_

#include <linux/spinlock.h>
#include <asm/types.h>

#ifdef __KERNEL__

#define LPM_ANYPATH 0xff
#define __MAX_CSSID 0

 * struct cmd_scsw - command-mode subchannel status word
 * @key: subchannel key
 * @sctl: suspend control
 * @eswf: esw format
 * @cc: deferred condition code
 * @fmt: format
 * @pfch: prefetch
 * @isic: initial-status interruption control
 * @alcc: address-limit checking control
 * @ssi: suppress-suspended interruption
 * @zcc: zero condition code
 * @ectl: extended control
 * @pno: path not operational
 * @res: reserved
 * @fctl: function control
 * @actl: activity control
 * @stctl: status control
 * @cpa: channel program address
 * @dstat: device status
 * @cstat: subchannel status
 * @count: residual count
struct cmd_scsw {
      __u32 key  : 4;
      __u32 sctl : 1;
      __u32 eswf : 1;
      __u32 cc   : 2;
      __u32 fmt  : 1;
      __u32 pfch : 1;
      __u32 isic : 1;
      __u32 alcc : 1;
      __u32 ssi  : 1;
      __u32 zcc  : 1;
      __u32 ectl : 1;
      __u32 pno  : 1;
      __u32 res  : 1;
      __u32 fctl : 3;
      __u32 actl : 7;
      __u32 stctl : 5;
      __u32 cpa;
      __u32 dstat : 8;
      __u32 cstat : 8;
      __u32 count : 16;
} __attribute__ ((packed));

 * struct tm_scsw - transport-mode subchannel status word
 * @key: subchannel key
 * @eswf: esw format
 * @cc: deferred condition code
 * @fmt: format
 * @x: IRB-format control
 * @q: interrogate-complete
 * @ectl: extended control
 * @pno: path not operational
 * @fctl: function control
 * @actl: activity control
 * @stctl: status control
 * @tcw: TCW address
 * @dstat: device status
 * @cstat: subchannel status
 * @fcxs: FCX status
 * @schxs: subchannel-extended status
struct tm_scsw {
      u32 key:4;
      u32 :1;
      u32 eswf:1;
      u32 cc:2;
      u32 fmt:3;
      u32 x:1;
      u32 q:1;
      u32 :1;
      u32 ectl:1;
      u32 pno:1;
      u32 :1;
      u32 fctl:3;
      u32 actl:7;
      u32 stctl:5;
      u32 tcw;
      u32 dstat:8;
      u32 cstat:8;
      u32 fcxs:8;
      u32 schxs:8;
} __attribute__ ((packed));

 * union scsw - subchannel status word
 * @cmd: command-mode SCSW
 * @tm: transport-mode SCSW
union scsw {
      struct cmd_scsw cmd;
      struct tm_scsw tm;
} __attribute__ ((packed));

int scsw_is_tm(union scsw *scsw);
u32 scsw_key(union scsw *scsw);
u32 scsw_eswf(union scsw *scsw);
u32 scsw_cc(union scsw *scsw);
u32 scsw_ectl(union scsw *scsw);
u32 scsw_pno(union scsw *scsw);
u32 scsw_fctl(union scsw *scsw);
u32 scsw_actl(union scsw *scsw);
u32 scsw_stctl(union scsw *scsw);
u32 scsw_dstat(union scsw *scsw);
u32 scsw_cstat(union scsw *scsw);
int scsw_is_solicited(union scsw *scsw);
int scsw_is_valid_key(union scsw *scsw);
int scsw_is_valid_eswf(union scsw *scsw);
int scsw_is_valid_cc(union scsw *scsw);
int scsw_is_valid_ectl(union scsw *scsw);
int scsw_is_valid_pno(union scsw *scsw);
int scsw_is_valid_fctl(union scsw *scsw);
int scsw_is_valid_actl(union scsw *scsw);
int scsw_is_valid_stctl(union scsw *scsw);
int scsw_is_valid_dstat(union scsw *scsw);
int scsw_is_valid_cstat(union scsw *scsw);
int scsw_cmd_is_valid_key(union scsw *scsw);
int scsw_cmd_is_valid_sctl(union scsw *scsw);
int scsw_cmd_is_valid_eswf(union scsw *scsw);
int scsw_cmd_is_valid_cc(union scsw *scsw);
int scsw_cmd_is_valid_fmt(union scsw *scsw);
int scsw_cmd_is_valid_pfch(union scsw *scsw);
int scsw_cmd_is_valid_isic(union scsw *scsw);
int scsw_cmd_is_valid_alcc(union scsw *scsw);
int scsw_cmd_is_valid_ssi(union scsw *scsw);
int scsw_cmd_is_valid_zcc(union scsw *scsw);
int scsw_cmd_is_valid_ectl(union scsw *scsw);
int scsw_cmd_is_valid_pno(union scsw *scsw);
int scsw_cmd_is_valid_fctl(union scsw *scsw);
int scsw_cmd_is_valid_actl(union scsw *scsw);
int scsw_cmd_is_valid_stctl(union scsw *scsw);
int scsw_cmd_is_valid_dstat(union scsw *scsw);
int scsw_cmd_is_valid_cstat(union scsw *scsw);
int scsw_cmd_is_solicited(union scsw *scsw);
int scsw_tm_is_valid_key(union scsw *scsw);
int scsw_tm_is_valid_eswf(union scsw *scsw);
int scsw_tm_is_valid_cc(union scsw *scsw);
int scsw_tm_is_valid_fmt(union scsw *scsw);
int scsw_tm_is_valid_x(union scsw *scsw);
int scsw_tm_is_valid_q(union scsw *scsw);
int scsw_tm_is_valid_ectl(union scsw *scsw);
int scsw_tm_is_valid_pno(union scsw *scsw);
int scsw_tm_is_valid_fctl(union scsw *scsw);
int scsw_tm_is_valid_actl(union scsw *scsw);
int scsw_tm_is_valid_stctl(union scsw *scsw);
int scsw_tm_is_valid_dstat(union scsw *scsw);
int scsw_tm_is_valid_cstat(union scsw *scsw);
int scsw_tm_is_valid_fcxs(union scsw *scsw);
int scsw_tm_is_valid_schxs(union scsw *scsw);
int scsw_tm_is_solicited(union scsw *scsw);

#define SCSW_FCTL_CLEAR_FUNC   0x1
#define SCSW_FCTL_HALT_FUNC    0x2
#define SCSW_FCTL_START_FUNC   0x4

#define SCSW_ACTL_SUSPENDED    0x1
#define SCSW_ACTL_DEVACT       0x2
#define SCSW_ACTL_SCHACT       0x4
#define SCSW_ACTL_CLEAR_PEND   0x8
#define SCSW_ACTL_HALT_PEND    0x10
#define SCSW_ACTL_START_PEND   0x20

#define SCSW_STCTL_STATUS_PEND       0x1
#define SCSW_STCTL_PRIM_STATUS       0x4
#define SCSW_STCTL_INTER_STATUS      0x8
#define SCSW_STCTL_ALERT_STATUS      0x10

#define DEV_STAT_ATTENTION     0x80
#define DEV_STAT_STAT_MOD      0x40
#define DEV_STAT_CU_END        0x20
#define DEV_STAT_BUSY          0x10
#define DEV_STAT_CHN_END       0x08
#define DEV_STAT_DEV_END       0x04
#define DEV_STAT_UNIT_CHECK    0x02
#define DEV_STAT_UNIT_EXCEP    0x01

#define SCHN_STAT_PCI          0x80
#define SCHN_STAT_INCORR_LEN   0x40
#define SCHN_STAT_PROG_CHECK   0x20
#define SCHN_STAT_PROT_CHECK   0x10
#define SCHN_STAT_CHN_DATA_CHK       0x08
#define SCHN_STAT_CHN_CTRL_CHK       0x04
#define SCHN_STAT_INTF_CTRL_CHK      0x02

 * architectured values for first sense byte
#define SNS0_CMD_REJECT       0x80
#define SNS0_BUS_OUT_CHECK    0x20
#define SNS0_EQUIPMENT_CHECK  0x10
#define SNS0_DATA_CHECK       0x08
#define SNS0_OVERRUN          0x04
#define SNS0_INCOMPL_DOMAIN   0x01

 * architectured values for second sense byte
#define SNS1_PERM_ERR         0x80
#define SNS1_INV_TRACK_FORMAT 0x40
#define SNS1_EOC        0x20
#define SNS1_MESSAGE_TO_OPER  0x10
#define SNS1_NO_REC_FOUND     0x08
#define SNS1_FILE_PROTECTED   0x04
#define SNS1_WRITE_INHIBITED  0x02
#define SNS1_INPRECISE_END    0x01

 * architectured values for third sense byte
#define SNS2_REQ_INH_WRITE    0x80
#define SNS2_CORRECTABLE      0x40
#define SNS2_FIRST_LOG_ERR    0x20
#define SNS2_ENV_DATA_PRESENT 0x10
#define SNS2_INPRECISE_END    0x04

 * struct ccw1 - channel command word
 * @cmd_code: command code
 * @flags: flags, like IDA adressing, etc.
 * @count: byte count
 * @cda: data address
 * The ccw is the basic structure to build channel programs that perform
 * operations with the device or the control unit. Only Format-1 channel
 * command words are supported.
struct ccw1 {
      __u8  cmd_code;
      __u8  flags;
      __u16 count;
      __u32 cda;
} __attribute__ ((packed,aligned(8)));

#define CCW_FLAG_DC           0x80
#define CCW_FLAG_CC           0x40
#define CCW_FLAG_SLI          0x20
#define CCW_FLAG_SKIP         0x10
#define CCW_FLAG_PCI          0x08
#define CCW_FLAG_IDA          0x04
#define CCW_FLAG_SUSPEND      0x02

#define CCW_CMD_READ_IPL      0x02
#define CCW_CMD_NOOP          0x03
#define CCW_CMD_BASIC_SENSE   0x04
#define CCW_CMD_TIC           0x08
#define CCW_CMD_STLCK           0x14
#define CCW_CMD_SENSE_PGID    0x34
#define CCW_CMD_SUSPEND_RECONN      0x5B
#define CCW_CMD_RDC           0x64
#define CCW_CMD_RELEASE       0x94
#define CCW_CMD_SET_PGID      0xAF
#define CCW_CMD_SENSE_ID      0xE4
#define CCW_CMD_DCTL          0xF3

#define SENSE_MAX_COUNT       0x20

 * struct erw - extended report word
 * @res0: reserved
 * @auth: authorization check
 * @pvrf: path-verification-required flag
 * @cpt: channel-path timeout
 * @fsavf: failing storage address validity flag
 * @cons: concurrent sense
 * @scavf: secondary ccw address validity flag
 * @fsaf: failing storage address format
 * @scnt: sense count, if @cons == %1
 * @res16: reserved
struct erw {
      __u32 res0  : 3;
      __u32 auth  : 1;
      __u32 pvrf  : 1;
      __u32 cpt   : 1;
      __u32 fsavf : 1;
      __u32 cons  : 1;
      __u32 scavf : 1;
      __u32 fsaf  : 1;
      __u32 scnt  : 6;
      __u32 res16 : 16;
} __attribute__ ((packed));

 * struct sublog - subchannel logout area
 * @res0: reserved
 * @esf: extended status flags
 * @lpum: last path used mask
 * @arep: ancillary report
 * @fvf: field-validity flags
 * @sacc: storage access code
 * @termc: termination code
 * @devsc: device-status check
 * @serr: secondary error
 * @ioerr: i/o-error alert
 * @seqc: sequence code
struct sublog {
      __u32 res0  : 1;
      __u32 esf   : 7;
      __u32 lpum  : 8;
      __u32 arep  : 1;
      __u32 fvf   : 5;
      __u32 sacc  : 2;
      __u32 termc : 2;
      __u32 devsc : 1;
      __u32 serr  : 1;
      __u32 ioerr : 1;
      __u32 seqc  : 3;
} __attribute__ ((packed));

 * struct esw0 - Format 0 Extended Status Word (ESW)
 * @sublog: subchannel logout
 * @erw: extended report word
 * @faddr: failing storage address
 * @saddr: secondary ccw address
struct esw0 {
      struct sublog sublog;
      struct erw erw;
      __u32  faddr[2];
      __u32  saddr;
} __attribute__ ((packed));

 * struct esw1 - Format 1 Extended Status Word (ESW)
 * @zero0: reserved zeros
 * @lpum: last path used mask
 * @zero16: reserved zeros
 * @erw: extended report word
 * @zeros: three fullwords of zeros
struct esw1 {
      __u8  zero0;
      __u8  lpum;
      __u16 zero16;
      struct erw erw;
      __u32 zeros[3];
} __attribute__ ((packed));

 * struct esw2 - Format 2 Extended Status Word (ESW)
 * @zero0: reserved zeros
 * @lpum: last path used mask
 * @dcti: device-connect-time interval
 * @erw: extended report word
 * @zeros: three fullwords of zeros
struct esw2 {
      __u8  zero0;
      __u8  lpum;
      __u16 dcti;
      struct erw erw;
      __u32 zeros[3];
} __attribute__ ((packed));

 * struct esw3 - Format 3 Extended Status Word (ESW)
 * @zero0: reserved zeros
 * @lpum: last path used mask
 * @res: reserved
 * @erw: extended report word
 * @zeros: three fullwords of zeros
struct esw3 {
      __u8  zero0;
      __u8  lpum;
      __u16 res;
      struct erw erw;
      __u32 zeros[3];
} __attribute__ ((packed));

 * struct irb - interruption response block
 * @scsw: subchannel status word
 * @esw: extened status word, 4 formats
 * @ecw: extended control word
 * The irb that is handed to the device driver when an interrupt occurs. For
 * solicited interrupts, the common I/O layer already performs checks whether
 * a field is valid; a field not being valid is always passed as %0.
 * If a unit check occured, @ecw may contain sense data; this is retrieved
 * by the common I/O layer itself if the device doesn't support concurrent
 * sense (so that the device driver never needs to perform basic sene itself).
 * For unsolicited interrupts, the irb is passed as-is (expect for sense data,
 * if applicable).
struct irb {
      union scsw scsw;
      union {
            struct esw0 esw0;
            struct esw1 esw1;
            struct esw2 esw2;
            struct esw3 esw3;
      } esw;
      __u8   ecw[32];
} __attribute__ ((packed,aligned(4)));

 * struct ciw - command information word  (CIW) layout
 * @et: entry type
 * @reserved: reserved bits
 * @ct: command type
 * @cmd: command code
 * @count: command count
struct ciw {
      __u32 et       :  2;
      __u32 reserved :  2;
      __u32 ct       :  4;
      __u32 cmd      :  8;
      __u32 count    : 16;
} __attribute__ ((packed));

#define CIW_TYPE_RCD    0x0         /* read configuration data */
#define CIW_TYPE_SII    0x1         /* set interface identifier */
#define CIW_TYPE_RNI    0x2         /* read node identifier */

 * Flags used as input parameters for do_IO()
#define DOIO_ALLOW_SUSPEND     0x0001 /* allow for channel prog. suspend */
#define DOIO_DENY_PREFETCH     0x0002 /* don't allow for CCW prefetch */
#define DOIO_SUPPRESS_INTER    0x0004 /* suppress intermediate inter. */
                              /* ... for suspended CCWs */
/* Device or subchannel gone. */
#define CIO_GONE       0x0001
/* No path to device. */
#define CIO_NO_PATH    0x0002
/* Device has appeared. */
#define CIO_OPER       0x0004
/* Sick revalidation of device. */
#define CIO_REVALIDATE 0x0008

 * struct ccw_dev_id - unique identifier for ccw devices
 * @ssid: subchannel set id
 * @devno: device number
 * This structure is not directly based on any hardware structure. The
 * hardware identifies a device by its device number and its subchannel,
 * which is in turn identified by its id. In order to get a unique identifier
 * for ccw devices across subchannel sets, @struct ccw_dev_id has been
 * introduced.
struct ccw_dev_id {
      u8 ssid;
      u16 devno;

 * ccw_device_id_is_equal() - compare two ccw_dev_ids
 * @dev_id1: a ccw_dev_id
 * @dev_id2: another ccw_dev_id
 * Returns:
 *  %1 if the two structures are equal field-by-field,
 *  %0 if not.
 * Context:
 *  any
static inline int ccw_dev_id_is_equal(struct ccw_dev_id *dev_id1,
                              struct ccw_dev_id *dev_id2)
      if ((dev_id1->ssid == dev_id2->ssid) &&
          (dev_id1->devno == dev_id2->devno))
            return 1;
      return 0;

extern void wait_cons_dev(void);

extern void css_schedule_reprobe(void);

extern void reipl_ccw_dev(struct ccw_dev_id *id);

struct cio_iplinfo {
      u16 devno;
      int is_qdio;

extern int cio_get_iplinfo(struct cio_iplinfo *iplinfo);

/* Function from drivers/s390/cio/chsc.c */
int chsc_sstpc(void *page, unsigned int op, u16 ctrl);
int chsc_sstpi(void *page, void *result, size_t size);



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