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 * Copyright (C) 2004 Jeff Dike (jdike@karaya.com)
 * Licensed under the GPL

#ifndef AIO_H__
#define AIO_H__

enum aio_type { AIO_READ, AIO_WRITE, AIO_MMAP };

struct aio_thread_reply {
      void *data;
      int err;

struct aio_context {
      int reply_fd;
      struct aio_context *next;

#define INIT_AIO_CONTEXT { .reply_fd      = -1, \
                     .next    = NULL }

extern int submit_aio(enum aio_type type, int fd, char *buf, int len,
                  unsigned long long offset, int reply_fd,
                      struct aio_context *aio);


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