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 * arch/sh/drivers/dma/dma-sh.h
 * Copyright (C) 2000  Takashi YOSHII
 * Copyright (C) 2003  Paul Mundt
 * This file is subject to the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public
 * License.  See the file "COPYING" in the main directory of this archive
 * for more details.
#ifndef __DMA_SH_H
#define __DMA_SH_H

#include <cpu/dma.h>

/* Definitions for the SuperH DMAC */
#define REQ_L     0x00000000
#define REQ_E     0x00080000
#define RACK_H    0x00000000
#define RACK_L    0x00040000
#define ACK_R     0x00000000
#define ACK_W     0x00020000
#define ACK_H     0x00000000
#define ACK_L     0x00010000
#define DM_INC    0x00004000
#define DM_DEC    0x00008000
#define SM_INC    0x00001000
#define SM_DEC    0x00002000
#define RS_IN     0x00000200
#define RS_OUT    0x00000300
#define TS_BLK    0x00000040
#define CHCR_DE 0x00000001
#define CHCR_TE 0x00000002
#define CHCR_IE 0x00000004

/* DMAOR definitions */
#define DMAOR_AE  0x00000004
#define DMAOR_NMIF      0x00000002
#define DMAOR_DME 0x00000001

 * Define the default configuration for dual address memory-memory transfer.
 * The 0x400 value represents auto-request, external->external.
#define RS_DUAL   (DM_INC | SM_INC | 0x400 | TS_32)


 * Subtypes that have fewer channels than this simply need to change
 * CONFIG_NR_ONCHIP_DMA_CHANNELS. Likewise, subtypes with a larger number
 * of channels should expand on this.
 * For most subtypes we can easily figure these values out with some
 * basic calculation, unfortunately on other subtypes these are more
 * scattered, so we just leave it unrolled for simplicity.
#define SAR ((unsigned long[]){SH_DMAC_BASE + 0x00, SH_DMAC_BASE + 0x10, \
                           SH_DMAC_BASE + 0x20, SH_DMAC_BASE + 0x30, \
                           SH_DMAC_BASE + 0x50, SH_DMAC_BASE + 0x60})
#define DAR ((unsigned long[]){SH_DMAC_BASE + 0x04, SH_DMAC_BASE + 0x14, \
                           SH_DMAC_BASE + 0x24, SH_DMAC_BASE + 0x34, \
                           SH_DMAC_BASE + 0x54, SH_DMAC_BASE + 0x64})
#define DMATCR    ((unsigned long[]){SH_DMAC_BASE + 0x08, SH_DMAC_BASE + 0x18, \
                           SH_DMAC_BASE + 0x28, SH_DMAC_BASE + 0x38, \
                           SH_DMAC_BASE + 0x58, SH_DMAC_BASE + 0x68})
#define CHCR      ((unsigned long[]){SH_DMAC_BASE + 0x0c, SH_DMAC_BASE + 0x1c, \
                           SH_DMAC_BASE + 0x2c, SH_DMAC_BASE + 0x3c, \
                           SH_DMAC_BASE + 0x5c, SH_DMAC_BASE + 0x6c})

#define DMAOR     (SH_DMAC_BASE + 0x40)

#endif /* __DMA_SH_H */

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