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node Struct Reference

#include <node.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

struct node - TIPC node structure : network address of node : spinlock governing access to structure : pointer to cluster that node belongs to : pointer to next node in sorted list of cluster's nodes : list of "node down" subscriptions monitoring node : pointers to active links to node : pointers to all links to node : number of working links to node (both active and standby) : number of links to node : non-zero if node has redundant links to this system : bitmap (used for multicluster communication) : (used for multicluster communication) : broadcast-related info : non-zero if node supports TIPC b'cast capability : sequence # of last outbound b'cast message acknowledged by node : sequence # of last in-sequence b'cast message received from node : sequence # of last message not requiring a NAK request : sequence # of last message requiring a NAK request : counter that determines when NAK requests should be sent : oldest OOS b'cast message received from node : newest OOS b'cast message received from node : list of partially reassembled b'cast message fragments from node

Definition at line 172 of file dtc.h.

Public Attributes

struct link * active_links [2]
u32 addr
int addr_cells
int basenamelen
struct {
   u32   acked
   struct sk_buff *   deferred_head
   struct sk_buff *   deferred_tail
   struct sk_buff *   defragm
   u32   gap_after
   u32   gap_to
   u32   last_in
   u32   nack_sync
   int   supported
struct nodechildren
char * fullpath
t_key key
char * label
int last_router
int level
int link_cnt
struct link * links [MAX_BEARERS]
spinlock_t lock
char * name
struct nodenext
struct nodenext_sibling
struct list_head nsub
struct clusterowner
unsigned long parent
struct nodeparent
int permit_changeover
cell_t phandle
struct property * properties
struct property * proplist
u32 routers [512/32]
int size_cells
struct sys_device sysdev
int working_links

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