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 * arch/arm/mach-sa1100/include/mach/memory.h
 * Copyright (C) 1999-2000 Nicolas Pitre <nico@cam.org>


#include <asm/sizes.h>

 * Physical DRAM offset is 0xc0000000 on the SA1100
#define PHYS_OFFSET     UL(0xc0000000)

#ifndef __ASSEMBLY__

#ifdef CONFIG_SA1111
void sa1111_adjust_zones(int node, unsigned long *size, unsigned long *holes);

#define arch_adjust_zones(node, size, holes) \
      sa1111_adjust_zones(node, size, holes)



 * Virtual view <-> DMA view memory address translations
 * virt_to_bus: Used to translate the virtual address to an
 *          address suitable to be passed to set_dma_addr
 * bus_to_virt: Used to convert an address for DMA operations
 *          to an address that the kernel can use.
 * On the SA1100, bus addresses are equivalent to physical addresses.
#define __virt_to_bus(x)       __virt_to_phys(x)
#define __bus_to_virt(x)       __phys_to_virt(x)

 * Because of the wide memory address space between physical RAM banks on the 
 * SA1100, it's much convenient to use Linux's NUMA support to implement our 
 * memory map representation.  Assuming all memory nodes have equal access 
 * characteristics, we then have generic discontiguous memory support.
 * Of course, all this isn't mandatory for SA1100 implementations with only
 * one used memory bank.  For those, simply undefine CONFIG_DISCONTIGMEM.
 * The nodes are matched with the physical memory bank addresses which are 
 * incidentally the same as virtual addresses.
 *    node 0:  0xc0000000 - 0xc7ffffff
 *    node 1:  0xc8000000 - 0xcfffffff
 *    node 2:  0xd0000000 - 0xd7ffffff
 *    node 3:  0xd8000000 - 0xdfffffff
#define NODE_MEM_SIZE_BITS    27

 * Cache flushing area - SA1100 zero bank
#define FLUSH_BASE_PHYS       0xe0000000
#define FLUSH_BASE            0xf5000000
#define FLUSH_BASE_MINICACHE  0xf5100000


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