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/* asmmacro.h: Assembler macros.
 * Copyright (C) 1996 David S. Miller (davem@caipfs.rutgers.edu)


#include <asm/btfixup.h>
#include <asm/asi.h>

#define GET_PROCESSOR4M_ID(reg) \
      rd    %tbr, %reg; \
      srl   %reg, 12, %reg; \
      and   %reg, 3, %reg;

#define GET_PROCESSOR4D_ID(reg) \
      lda   [%g0] ASI_M_VIKING_TMP1, %reg;

/* All trap entry points _must_ begin with this macro or else you
 * lose.  It makes sure the kernel has a proper window so that
 * c-code can be called.
#define SAVE_ALL_HEAD \
      sethi %hi(trap_setup), %l4; \
      jmpl  %l4 + %lo(trap_setup), %l6;
#define SAVE_ALL \

/* All traps low-level code here must end with this macro. */
#define RESTORE_ALL b ret_trap_entry; clr %l6;

/* sun4 probably wants half word accesses to ASI_SEGMAP, while sun4c+
   likes byte accesses. These are to avoid ifdef mania. */

#ifdef CONFIG_SUN4
#define lduXa     lduha
#define stXa      stha
#define lduXa     lduba
#define stXa      stba

#endif /* !(_SPARC_ASMMACRO_H) */

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