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/* io-unit.h: Definitions for the sun4d IO-UNIT.
 * Copyright (C) 1997,1998 Jakub Jelinek (jj@sunsite.mff.cuni.cz)
#ifndef _SPARC_IO_UNIT_H
#define _SPARC_IO_UNIT_H

#include <linux/spinlock.h>
#include <asm/page.h>
#include <asm/pgtable.h>

/* The io-unit handles all virtual to physical address translations
 * that occur between the SBUS and physical memory.  Access by
 * the cpu to IO registers and similar go over the xdbus so are
 * translated by the on chip SRMMU.  The io-unit and the srmmu do
 * not need to have the same translations at all, in fact most
 * of the time the translations they handle are a disjunct set.
 * Basically the io-unit handles all dvma sbus activity.
/* AIEEE, unlike the nice sun4m, these monsters have 
   fixed DMA range 64M */
#define IOUNIT_DMA_BASE     0xfc000000 /* TOP - 64M */
#define IOUNIT_DMA_SIZE     0x04000000 /* 64M */
/* We use last 1M for sparc_dvma_malloc */
#define IOUNIT_DVMA_SIZE    0x00100000 /* 1M */

/* The format of an iopte in the external page tables */
#define IOUPTE_PAGE          0xffffff00 /* Physical page number (PA[35:12])   */
#define IOUPTE_CACHE         0x00000080 /* Cached (in Viking/MXCC)            */
/* XXX Jakub, find out how to program SBUS streaming cache on XDBUS/sun4d.
 * XXX Actually, all you should need to do is find out where the registers
 * XXX are and copy over the sparc64 implementation I wrote.  There may be
 * XXX some horrible hwbugs though, so be careful.  -DaveM
#define IOUPTE_STREAM        0x00000040 /* Translation can use streaming cache      */
#define IOUPTE_INTRA         0x00000008 /* SBUS direct slot->slot transfer    */
#define IOUPTE_WRITE         0x00000004 /* Writeable                    */
#define IOUPTE_VALID         0x00000002 /* IOPTE is valid               */
#define IOUPTE_PARITY        0x00000001 /* Parity is checked during DVMA      */

struct iounit_struct {
      unsigned long           bmap[(IOUNIT_DMA_SIZE >> (PAGE_SHIFT + 3)) / sizeof(unsigned long)];
      spinlock_t        lock;
      iopte_t                 *page_table;
      unsigned long           rotor[3];
      unsigned long           limit[4];

#define IOUNIT_BMAP1_START    0x00000000

extern __u32 iounit_map_dma_init(struct sbus_bus *, int);
#define iounit_map_dma_finish(sbus, addr, len) mmu_release_scsi_one(addr, len, sbus)
extern __u32 iounit_map_dma_page(__u32, void *, struct sbus_bus *);

#endif /* !(_SPARC_IO_UNIT_H) */

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