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 * Global definition of all the bootwrapper operations.
 * Author: Mark A. Greer <mgreer@mvista.com>
 * 2006 (c) MontaVista Software, Inc.  This file is licensed under
 * the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2.  This program
 * is licensed "as is" without any warranty of any kind, whether express
 * or implied.
#ifndef _PPC_BOOT_OPS_H_
#define _PPC_BOOT_OPS_H_

#include <stddef.h>
#include "types.h"
#include "string.h"

#define     COMMAND_LINE_SIZE 512
#define     MAX_PATH_LEN            256
#define     MAX_PROP_LEN            256 /* What should this be? */

typedef void (*kernel_entry_t)(unsigned long r3, unsigned long r4, void *r5);

/* Platform specific operations */
struct platform_ops {
      void  (*fixups)(void);
      void  (*image_hdr)(const void *);
      void *      (*malloc)(unsigned long size);
      void  (*free)(void *ptr);
      void *      (*realloc)(void *ptr, unsigned long size);
      void  (*exit)(void);
      void *      (*vmlinux_alloc)(unsigned long size);
extern struct platform_ops platform_ops;

/* Device Tree operations */
struct dt_ops {
      void *      (*finddevice)(const char *name);
      int   (*getprop)(const void *phandle, const char *name, void *buf,
                  const int buflen);
      int   (*setprop)(const void *phandle, const char *name,
                  const void *buf, const int buflen);
      void *(*get_parent)(const void *phandle);
      /* The node must not already exist. */
      void *(*create_node)(const void *parent, const char *name);
      void *(*find_node_by_prop_value)(const void *prev,
                                       const char *propname,
                                       const char *propval, int proplen);
      void *(*find_node_by_compatible)(const void *prev,
                                       const char *compat);
      unsigned long (*finalize)(void);
      char *(*get_path)(const void *phandle, char *buf, int len);
extern struct dt_ops dt_ops;

/* Console operations */
struct console_ops {
      int   (*open)(void);
      void  (*write)(const char *buf, int len);
      void  (*edit_cmdline)(char *buf, int len);
      void  (*close)(void);
      void  *data;
extern struct console_ops console_ops;

/* Serial console operations */
struct serial_console_data {
      int         (*open)(void);
      void        (*putc)(unsigned char c);
      unsigned char     (*getc)(void);
      u8          (*tstc)(void);
      void        (*close)(void);

struct loader_info {
      void *promptr;
      unsigned long initrd_addr, initrd_size;
      char *cmdline;
      int cmdline_len;
extern struct loader_info loader_info;

void start(void);
void fdt_init(void *blob);
int serial_console_init(void);
int ns16550_console_init(void *devp, struct serial_console_data *scdp);
int mpsc_console_init(void *devp, struct serial_console_data *scdp);
int cpm_console_init(void *devp, struct serial_console_data *scdp);
int mpc5200_psc_console_init(void *devp, struct serial_console_data *scdp);
int uartlite_console_init(void *devp, struct serial_console_data *scdp);
void *simple_alloc_init(char *base, unsigned long heap_size,
                  unsigned long granularity, unsigned long max_allocs);
extern void flush_cache(void *, unsigned long);
int dt_xlate_reg(void *node, int res, unsigned long *addr, unsigned long *size);
int dt_xlate_addr(void *node, u32 *buf, int buflen, unsigned long *xlated_addr);
int dt_is_compatible(void *node, const char *compat);
void dt_get_reg_format(void *node, u32 *naddr, u32 *nsize);
int dt_get_virtual_reg(void *node, void **addr, int nres);

static inline void *finddevice(const char *name)
      return (dt_ops.finddevice) ? dt_ops.finddevice(name) : NULL;

static inline int getprop(void *devp, const char *name, void *buf, int buflen)
      return (dt_ops.getprop) ? dt_ops.getprop(devp, name, buf, buflen) : -1;

static inline int setprop(void *devp, const char *name,
                          const void *buf, int buflen)
      return (dt_ops.setprop) ? dt_ops.setprop(devp, name, buf, buflen) : -1;
#define setprop_val(devp, name, val) \
      do { \
            typeof(val) x = (val); \
            setprop((devp), (name), &x, sizeof(x)); \
      } while (0)

static inline int setprop_str(void *devp, const char *name, const char *buf)
      if (dt_ops.setprop)
            return dt_ops.setprop(devp, name, buf, strlen(buf) + 1);

      return -1;

static inline void *get_parent(const char *devp)
      return dt_ops.get_parent ? dt_ops.get_parent(devp) : NULL;

static inline void *create_node(const void *parent, const char *name)
      return dt_ops.create_node ? dt_ops.create_node(parent, name) : NULL;

static inline void *find_node_by_prop_value(const void *prev,
                                            const char *propname,
                                            const char *propval, int proplen)
      if (dt_ops.find_node_by_prop_value)
            return dt_ops.find_node_by_prop_value(prev, propname,
                                                  propval, proplen);

      return NULL;

static inline void *find_node_by_prop_value_str(const void *prev,
                                                const char *propname,
                                                const char *propval)
      return find_node_by_prop_value(prev, propname, propval,
                                     strlen(propval) + 1);

static inline void *find_node_by_devtype(const void *prev,
                                         const char *type)
      return find_node_by_prop_value_str(prev, "device_type", type);

static inline void *find_node_by_alias(const char *alias)
      void *devp = finddevice("/aliases");

      if (devp) {
            char path[MAX_PATH_LEN];
            if (getprop(devp, alias, path, MAX_PATH_LEN) > 0)
                  return finddevice(path);

      return NULL;

static inline void *find_node_by_compatible(const void *prev,
                                            const char *compat)
      if (dt_ops.find_node_by_compatible)
            return dt_ops.find_node_by_compatible(prev, compat);

      return NULL;

void dt_fixup_memory(u64 start, u64 size);
void dt_fixup_cpu_clocks(u32 cpufreq, u32 tbfreq, u32 busfreq);
void dt_fixup_clock(const char *path, u32 freq);
void dt_fixup_mac_address_by_alias(const char *alias, const u8 *addr);
void dt_fixup_mac_address(u32 index, const u8 *addr);
void __dt_fixup_mac_addresses(u32 startindex, ...);
#define dt_fixup_mac_addresses(...) \
      __dt_fixup_mac_addresses(0, __VA_ARGS__, NULL)

static inline void *find_node_by_linuxphandle(const u32 linuxphandle)
      return find_node_by_prop_value(NULL, "linux,phandle",
                  (char *)&linuxphandle, sizeof(u32));

static inline char *get_path(const void *phandle, char *buf, int len)
      if (dt_ops.get_path)
            return dt_ops.get_path(phandle, buf, len);

      return NULL;

static inline void *malloc(unsigned long size)
      return (platform_ops.malloc) ? platform_ops.malloc(size) : NULL;

static inline void free(void *ptr)
      if (platform_ops.free)

static inline void exit(void)
      if (platform_ops.exit)
#define fatal(args...) { printf(args); exit(); }

#define BSS_STACK(size) \
      static char _bss_stack[size]; \
      void *_platform_stack_top = _bss_stack + sizeof(_bss_stack);

extern unsigned long timebase_period_ns;
void udelay(long delay);

extern char _start[];
extern char __bss_start[];
extern char _end[];
extern char _vmlinux_start[];
extern char _vmlinux_end[];
extern char _initrd_start[];
extern char _initrd_end[];
extern char _dtb_start[];
extern char _dtb_end[];

static inline __attribute__((const))
int __ilog2_u32(u32 n)
      int bit;
      asm ("cntlzw %0,%1" : "=r" (bit) : "r" (n));
      return 31 - bit;

#endif /* _PPC_BOOT_OPS_H_ */

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