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#ifndef _SPARC64_PIL_H
#define _SPARC64_PIL_H

/* To avoid some locking problems, we hard allocate certain PILs
 * for SMP cross call messages that must do a etrap/rtrap.
 * A local_irq_disable() does not block the cross call delivery, so
 * when SMP locking is an issue we reschedule the event into a PIL
 * interrupt which is blocked by local_irq_disable().
 * In fact any XCALL which has to etrap/rtrap has a problem because
 * it is difficult to prevent rtrap from running BH's, and that would
 * need to be done if the XCALL arrived while %pil==15.
#define PIL_SMP_CALL_FUNC     1
#define PIL_SMP_CAPTURE       3
#define PIL_DEVICE_IRQ        5
#define PIL_SMP_CALL_FUNC_SNGL      6

#endif /* !(_SPARC64_PIL_H) */

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