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#ifdef __KERNEL__
#include <asm/ptrace.h>

#ifndef __ASSEMBLY__

#ifdef __KERNEL__

#define __SUNOS_MAXWIN   31

/* This is what SunOS does, so shall I unless we use new 32bit signals or rt signals. */
struct sigcontext32 {
      int sigc_onstack;      /* state to restore */
      int sigc_mask;         /* sigmask to restore */
      int sigc_sp;           /* stack pointer */
      int sigc_pc;           /* program counter */
      int sigc_npc;          /* next program counter */
      int sigc_psr;          /* for condition codes etc */
      int sigc_g1;           /* User uses these two registers */
      int sigc_o0;           /* within the trampoline code. */

      /* Now comes information regarding the users window set
       * at the time of the signal.
      int sigc_oswins;       /* outstanding windows */

      /* stack ptrs for each regwin buf */
      unsigned sigc_spbuf[__SUNOS_MAXWIN];

      /* Windows to restore after signal */
      struct reg_window32 sigc_wbuf[__SUNOS_MAXWIN];


#ifdef __KERNEL__

/* This is what we use for 32bit new non-rt signals. */

typedef struct {
      struct {
            unsigned int psr;
            unsigned int pc;
            unsigned int npc;
            unsigned int y;
            unsigned int u_regs[16]; /* globals and ins */
      }                 si_regs;
      int               si_mask;
} __siginfo32_t;


typedef struct {
      unsigned   int si_float_regs [64];
      unsigned   long si_fsr;
      unsigned   long si_gsr;
      unsigned   long si_fprs;
} __siginfo_fpu_t;

/* This is what SunOS doesn't, so we have to write this alone
   and do it properly. */
struct sigcontext {
      /* The size of this array has to match SI_MAX_SIZE from siginfo.h */
      char              sigc_info[128];
      struct {
            unsigned long     u_regs[16]; /* globals and ins */
            unsigned long     tstate;
            unsigned long     tpc;
            unsigned long     tnpc;
            unsigned int      y;
            unsigned int      fprs;
      }                 sigc_regs;
      __siginfo_fpu_t * sigc_fpu_save;
      struct {
            void  *     ss_sp;
            int         ss_flags;
            unsigned long     ss_size;
      }                 sigc_stack;
      unsigned long           sigc_mask;

#endif /* !(__ASSEMBLY__) */

#endif /* !(__SPARC64_SIGCONTEXT_H) */

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