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#include <asm/head.h>

 * asm/vaddrs.h:  Here we define the virtual addresses at
 *                      which important things will be mapped.
 * Copyright (C) 1995 David S. Miller (davem@caip.rutgers.edu)
 * Copyright (C) 2000 Anton Blanchard (anton@samba.org)

#define SRMMU_MAXMEM          0x0c000000

                        /* = 0x0fc000000 */
/* XXX Empiricals - this needs to go away - KMW */
#define SRMMU_MAX_NOCACHE_PAGES     (1280)

/* The following constant is used in mm/srmmu.c::srmmu_nocache_calcsize()
 * to determine the amount of memory that will be reserved as nocache:
 * 256 pages will be taken as nocache per each
 * SRMMU_NOCACHE_ALCRATIO MB of system memory.
 * limits enforced:     nocache minimum = 256 pages
 *                nocache maximum = 1280 pages
#define SRMMU_NOCACHE_ALCRATIO      64    /* 256 pages per 64MB of system RAM */

#define SUN4M_IOBASE_VADDR    0xfd000000 /* Base for mapping pages */
#define IOBASE_VADDR          0xfe000000
#define IOBASE_END            0xfe600000

 * On the sun4/4c we need a place
 * to reliably map locked down kernel data.  This includes the
 * task_struct and kernel stack pages of each process plus the
 * scsi buffers during dvma IO transfers, also the floppy buffers
 * during pseudo dma which runs with traps off (no faults allowed).
 * Some quick calculations yield:
 *       NR_TASKS <512> * (3 * PAGE_SIZE) == 0x600000
 * Subtract this from 0xc00000 and you get 0x927C0 of vm left
 * over to map SCSI dvma + floppy pseudo-dma buffers.  So be
 * careful if you change NR_TASKS or else there won't be enough
 * room for it all.
#define SUN4C_LOCK_VADDR      0xff000000
#define SUN4C_LOCK_END        0xffc00000

#define KADB_DEBUGGER_BEGVM   0xffc00000 /* Where kern debugger is in virt-mem */
#define KADB_DEBUGGER_ENDVM   0xffd00000

#define LINUX_OPPROM_BEGVM    0xffd00000
#define LINUX_OPPROM_ENDVM    0xfff00000

#define DVMA_VADDR            0xfff00000 /* Base area of the DVMA on suns */
#define DVMA_END        0xfffc0000

#endif /* !(_SPARC_VADDRS_H) */

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