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 * jsflash.h: OS Flash SIMM support for JavaStations.
 * Copyright (C) 1999  Pete Zaitcev


#ifndef _SPARC_TYPES_H
#include <asm/types.h>

 * Semantics of the offset is a full address.
 * Hardcode it or get it from probe ioctl.
 * We use full bus address, so that we would be
 * automatically compatible with possible future systems.

#define JSFLASH_IDENT   (('F'<<8)|54)
struct jsflash_ident_arg {
      __u64 off;                /* 0x20000000 is included */
      __u32 size;
      char name[32];          /* With trailing zero */

#define JSFLASH_ERASE   (('F'<<8)|55)
/* Put 0 as argument, may be flags or sector number... */

#define JSFLASH_PROGRAM (('F'<<8)|56)
struct jsflash_program_arg {
      __u64 data;       /* char* for sparc and sparc64 */
      __u64 off;
      __u32 size;

#endif /* _SPARC_JSFLASH_H */

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