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atmel_pwm_bl_platform_data Struct Reference

#include <atmel-pwm-bl.h>

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Detailed Description

struct atmel_pwm_bl_platform_data : which PWM channel in the PWM module to use. : PWM frequency to generate, the driver will try to be as close as the prescaler allows. : value to use in the PWM channel compare register. : maximum duty cycle value, must be less than or equal to pwm_compare_max. : minimum duty cycle value, must be less than pwm_duty_max. : set to one if the low part of the PWM signal increases the brightness of the backlight. : GPIO line to control the backlight on/off, set to -1 if not used. : set to one if the on/off signal is on when GPIO is low.

This struct must be added to the platform device in the board code. It is used by the atmel-pwm-bl driver to setup the GPIO to control on/off and the PWM device.

Definition at line 32 of file atmel-pwm-bl.h.

Public Attributes

int gpio_on
unsigned int on_active_low
unsigned int pwm_active_low
unsigned int pwm_channel
unsigned int pwm_compare_max
unsigned int pwm_duty_max
unsigned int pwm_duty_min
unsigned int pwm_frequency

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