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data_queue Struct Reference

#include <rt2x00queue.h>

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Detailed Description

struct data_queue: Data queue

: Pointer to main &struct rt2x00dev where this queue belongs to. : Base address of the &struct queue_entry which are part of this queue. : The queue identification, see &enum data_queue_qid. : Spinlock to protect index handling. Whenever , or needs to be changed this lock should be grabbed to prevent index corruption due to concurrency. : Number of frames handled in the queue. : Maximum number of entries in the queue. : Minimum number of free entries before queue is kicked by force. : Number of frames in queue. : Index pointers to entry positions in the queue, use &enum queue_index to get a specific index field. : The aifs value for outgoing frames (field ignored in RX queue). : The cw min value for outgoing frames (field ignored in RX queue). : The cw max value for outgoing frames (field ignored in RX queue). : Maximum data size for the frames in this queue. : Hardware descriptor size for the data in this queue.

Definition at line 344 of file rt2x00queue.h.

Public Attributes

unsigned short aifs
unsigned int count
unsigned short cw_max
unsigned short cw_min
unsigned short data_size
unsigned short desc_size
struct queue_entryentries
unsigned short index [Q_INDEX_MAX]
unsigned short length
unsigned short limit
spinlock_t lock
enum data_queue_qid qid
struct rt2x00_dev * rt2x00dev
unsigned short threshold

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