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dccp_ackvec Struct Reference

#include <ackvec.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

struct dccp_ackvec - ack vector

This data structure is the one defined in RFC 4340, Appendix A.

- circular buffer head - circular buffer tail - ack # of the most recent packet acknowledgeable in the buffer (i.e. av_buf_head) - the one-bit sum of the ECN Nonces on all packets acked by the buffer with State 0

Additionally, the HC-Receiver must keep some information about the Ack Vectors it has recently sent. For each packet sent carrying an Ack Vector, it remembers four variables:

- list of dccp_ackvec_record - the one-bit sum of the ECN Nonces for all State 0.

- the time in usecs - circular buffer of acknowledgeable packets

Definition at line 52 of file ackvec.h.

Public Attributes

u8 av_ack_nonce
u64 av_buf_ackno
u16 av_buf_head
u8 av_buf_nonce
struct list_head av_records
ktime_t av_time
u16 av_vec_len

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