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ecryptfs_global_auth_tok Struct Reference

#include <ecryptfs_kernel.h>

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Detailed Description

ecryptfs_global_auth_tok - A key used to encrypt all new files under the mountpoint : Status flags : These auth_toks hang off the mount-wide cryptographic context. Every time a new inode comes into existence, eCryptfs copies the auth_toks on that list to the set of auth_toks on the inode's crypt_stat : The key from the user's keyring for the sig : The key contents : The key identifier

ecryptfs_global_auth_tok structs refer to authentication token keys in the user keyring that apply to newly created files. A list of these objects hangs off of the mount_crypt_stat struct for any given eCryptfs mount. This struct maintains a reference to both the key contents and the key itself so that the key can be put on unmount.

Definition at line 295 of file ecryptfs_kernel.h.

Public Attributes

u32 flags
struct ecryptfs_auth_tok * global_auth_tok
struct key * global_auth_tok_key
struct list_head mount_crypt_stat_list
unsigned char sig [ECRYPTFS_SIG_SIZE_HEX+1]

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