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fw_cdev_create_iso_context Struct Reference

#include <firewire-cdev.h>

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Detailed Description

struct fw_cdev_create_iso_context - Create a context for isochronous IO : FW_CDEV_ISO_CONTEXT_TRANSMIT or FW_CDEV_ISO_CONTEXT_RECEIVE : Header size to strip for receive contexts : Channel to bind to : Speed to transmit at : To be returned in &fw_cdev_event_iso_interrupt : Handle to context, written back by kernel

Prior to sending or receiving isochronous I/O, a context must be created. The context records information about the transmit or receive configuration and typically maps to an underlying hardware resource. A context is set up for either sending or receiving. It is bound to a specific isochronous channel.

If a context was successfully created, the kernel writes back a handle to the context, which must be passed in for subsequent operations on that context.

Definition at line 369 of file firewire-cdev.h.

Public Attributes

__u32 channel
__u64 closure
__u32 handle
__u32 header_size
__u32 speed
__u32 type

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