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fw_cdev_get_info Struct Reference

#include <firewire-cdev.h>

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Detailed Description

struct fw_cdev_get_info - General purpose information ioctl
: The version field is just a running serial number. We never break backwards compatibility, but may add more structs and ioctls in later revisions. : If is non-zero, at most rom_length bytes of configuration ROM will be copied into that user space address. In either case, is updated with the actual length of the configuration ROM. : If non-zero, address of a buffer to be filled by a copy of the local node's configuration ROM : If non-zero, address of a buffer to be filled by a &struct fw_cdev_event_bus_reset with the current state of the bus. This does not cause a bus reset to happen. : Value of &closure in this and subsequent bus reset events : The index of the card this device belongs to

Definition at line 206 of file firewire-cdev.h.

Public Attributes

__u64 bus_reset
__u64 bus_reset_closure
__u32 card
__u64 rom
__u32 rom_length
__u32 version

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