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hrtimer Struct Reference

#include <hrtimer.h>

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Detailed Description

struct hrtimer - the basic hrtimer structure : red black tree node for time ordered insertion : the absolute expiry time in the hrtimers internal representation. The time is related to the clock on which the timer is based. : timer expiry callback function : pointer to the timer base (per cpu and per clock) : state information (See bit values above) : high resolution timer feature to select the callback execution mode : list head to enqueue an expired timer into the callback list : timer statistics field to store the site where the timer was started : timer statistics field to store the name of the process which started the timer : timer statistics field to store the pid of the task which started the timer

The hrtimer structure must be initialized by hrtimer_init()

Definition at line 122 of file hrtimer.h.

Public Attributes

struct hrtimer_clock_basebase
struct list_head cb_entry
enum hrtimer_cb_mode cb_mode
ktime_t expires
enum hrtimer_restart(* function )(struct hrtimer *)
struct rb_node node
unsigned long state

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