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ieee80211_rx_status Struct Reference

#include <mac80211.h>

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Detailed Description

struct ieee80211_rx_status - receive status

The low-level driver should provide this information (the subset supported by hardware) to the 802.11 code with each received frame.

: value in microseconds of the 64-bit Time Synchronization Function (TSF) timer when the first data symbol (MPDU) arrived at the hardware. : the active band when this frame was received : frequency the radio was tuned to when receiving this frame, in MHz : signal strength when receiving this frame, either in dBm, in dB or unspecified depending on the hardware capabilities flags * : noise when receiving this frame, in dBm. : overall signal quality indication, in percent (0-100). : antenna used : index of data rate into band's supported rates : RX_FLAG_*

Definition at line 398 of file mac80211.h.

Public Attributes

int antenna
enum ieee80211_band band
int flag
int freq
u64 mactime
int noise
int qual
int rate_idx
int signal

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