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iwl_alive_resp Struct Reference

#include <iwl-commands.h>

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Detailed Description

REPLY_ALIVE = 0x1 (response only, not a command)

uCode issues this "alive" notification once the runtime image is ready to receive commands from the driver. This is the *second* "alive" notification that the driver will receive after rebooting uCode; this "alive" is indicated by subtype field != 9.

See comments documenting "BSM" (bootstrap state machine).

This response includes two pointers to structures within the device's data SRAM (access via HBUS_TARG_MEM_* regs) that are useful for debugging:

1) log_event_table_ptr indicates base of the event log. This traces a 256-entry history of uCode execution within a circular buffer. Its header format is:

__le32 log_size; log capacity (in number of entries) __le32 type; (1) timestamp with each entry, (0) no timestamp __le32 wraps; # times uCode has wrapped to top of circular buffer __le32 write_index; next circular buffer entry that uCode would fill

The header is followed by the circular buffer of log entries. Entries with timestamps have the following format:

__le32 event_id; range 0 - 1500 __le32 timestamp; low 32 bits of TSF (of network, if associated) __le32 data; event_id-specific data value

Entries without timestamps contain only event_id and data.

2) error_event_table_ptr indicates base of the error log. This contains information about any uCode error that occurs. For 4965, the format of the error log is:

__le32 valid; (nonzero) valid, (0) log is empty __le32 error_id; type of error __le32 pc; program counter __le32 blink1; branch link __le32 blink2; branch link __le32 ilink1; interrupt link __le32 ilink2; interrupt link __le32 data1; error-specific data __le32 data2; error-specific data __le32 line; source code line of error __le32 bcon_time; beacon timer __le32 tsf_low; network timestamp function timer __le32 tsf_hi; network timestamp function timer

The Linux driver can print both logs to the system log when a uCode error occurs.

Definition at line 457 of file iwl-commands.h.

Public Attributes

__le32 error_event_table_ptr
__le32 is_valid
__le32 log_event_table_ptr
__le16 reserved1
__le16 reserved2
u8 sw_rev [8]
__le32 timestamp
u8 ucode_major
u8 ucode_minor
u8 ver_subtype
u8 ver_type

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