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mv_xor_desc_slot Struct Reference

#include <mv_xor.h>

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Detailed Description

struct mv_xor_desc_slot - software descriptor : node on the mv_xor_chan.all_slots list : node on the mv_xor_chan.chain list : node on the mv_xor_chan.completed_slots list : virtual address of the hardware descriptor chain : hardware address of the hardware descriptor chain : first operation in a transaction : total slots used in an transaction (group of operations) : number of slots per operation : pool index : number of xor sources : transaction bytecount : support for the async_tx api : list of slots that make up a multi-descriptor transaction for example transfer lengths larger than the supported hw max : result of zero sum : result crc calculation

Definition at line 135 of file mv_xor.h.

Public Attributes

union {
   u32 *   crc32_result
   u32 *   xor_check_result
unsigned long arrival_time
struct dma_async_tx_descriptor async_tx
struct list_head chain_node
struct list_head completed_node
struct mv_xor_desc_slotgroup_head
void * hw_desc
u16 idx
u16 slot_cnt
struct list_head slot_node
u16 slots_per_op
struct timer_list timeout
enum dma_transaction_type type
size_t unmap_len
u16 unmap_src_cnt
u32 value

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