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replay_entry Struct Reference

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Detailed Description

struct replay_entry - replay tree entry. : logical eraseblock number of the node : node offset : node length : node sequence number : replay flags : links the replay tree : node key : directory entry name : truncation old size : truncation new size : amount of free space in a bud : amount of dirty space in a bud from padding and deletion nodes

UBIFS journal replay must compare node sequence numbers, which means it must build a tree of node information to insert into the TNC.

insert_node - insert a node to the replay tree. : UBIFS file-system description object : node logical eraseblock number : node offset : node length : node key : sequence number : non-zero if this is a deletion : number of bytes in use in a LEB : truncation old size : truncation new size

This function inserts a scanned non-direntry node to the replay tree. The replay tree is an RB-tree containing are indexed by the sequence number. The replay tree is applied at the very end of the replay process. Since the tree is sorted in sequence number order, the older modifications are applied first. This function returns zero in case of success and a negative error code in case of failure.

Definition at line 66 of file replay.c.

Public Attributes

union {
   struct {
      loff_t   new_size
      loff_t   old_size
   struct {
      int   dirty
      int   free
   struct qstr   nm
int flags
union ubifs_key key
int len
int lnum
int offs
struct rb_node rb
unsigned long long sqnum

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