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rio_dev Struct Reference

#include <rio.h>

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Detailed Description

struct rio_dev - RIO device info : Node in list of all RIO devices : Node in list of RIO devices in a network : Network this device is a part of : Device ID : Vendor ID : Device revision : Assembly device ID : Assembly vendor ID : Assembly revision : Extended feature pointer : Processing element features : Switch port info : Source operation capabilities : Destination operation capabilities : Mask of bits of RIO address this device implements : Pointer to &struct rio_switch if valid for this device : Driver claiming this device : Device model device : RIO resources this device owns : Network destination ID

Definition at line 95 of file rio.h.

Public Attributes

u16 asm_did
u16 asm_rev
u16 asm_vid
u16 destid
struct device dev
u32 device_rev
u16 did
u64 dma_mask
struct rio_driver * driver
u32 dst_ops
u16 efptr
struct list_head global_list
struct rio_netnet
struct list_head net_list
u32 pef
struct resource riores [RIO_MAX_DEV_RESOURCES]
struct rio_switchrswitch
u32 src_ops
u32 swpinfo
u16 vid

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