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usb_ctrlrequest Struct Reference

#include <ch9.h>

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Detailed Description

struct usb_ctrlrequest - SETUP data for a USB device control request : matches the USB bmRequestType field : matches the USB bRequest field : matches the USB wValue field (le16 byte order) : matches the USB wIndex field (le16 byte order) : matches the USB wLength field (le16 byte order)

This structure is used to send control requests to a USB device. It matches the different fields of the USB 2.0 Spec section 9.3, table 9-2. See the USB spec for a fuller description of the different fields, and what they are used for.

Note that the driver for any interface can issue control requests. For most devices, interfaces don't coordinate with each other, so such requests may be made at any time.

Definition at line 146 of file ch9.h.

Public Attributes

__u8 bRequest
__u8 bRequestType
__le16 wIndex
__le16 wLength
__le16 wValue

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