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v9fs_dentry Struct Reference

#include <fid.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

struct v9fs_dentry - 9p private data stored in dentry d_fsdata : protects the fidlist : list of FIDs currently associated with this dentry

This structure defines the 9p private data associated with a particular dentry. In particular, this private data is used to lookup which 9P FID handle should be used for a particular VFS operation. FID handles are associated with dentries instead of inodes in order to more closely map functionality to the Plan 9 expected behavior for FID reclaimation and tracking.

See Also: Mapping FIDs to Linux VFS model in Design and Implementation of the Linux 9P File System documentation

Definition at line 40 of file fid.h.

Public Attributes

struct list_head fidlist
spinlock_t lock

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