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virtqueue Struct Reference

#include <virtio.h>

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Detailed Description

virtqueue - a queue to register buffers for sending or receiving. : the function to call when buffers are consumed (can be NULL). : the virtio device this queue was created for. : the operations for this virtqueue (see below). : a pointer for the virtqueue implementation to use.

Definition at line 151 of file lguest.c.

Public Attributes

bool blocked
void(* callback )(struct virtqueue *vq)
struct lguest_vqconfig config
struct devicedev
void(* handle_output )(int fd, struct virtqueue *me, bool timeout)
unsigned int inflight
u16 last_avail_idx
struct virtqueuenext
void * priv
struct virtio_devicevdev
struct virtqueue_opsvq_ops
struct vring vring

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