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 * @file arch/alpha/oprofile/op_impl.h
 * @remark Copyright 2002 OProfile authors
 * @remark Read the file COPYING
 * @author Richard Henderson <rth@twiddle.net>

#ifndef OP_IMPL_H
#define OP_IMPL_H 1

extern int (*perf_irq)(void);

/* Per-counter configuration as set via oprofilefs.  */
struct op_counter_config {
      unsigned long enabled;
      unsigned long event;
      unsigned long count;
      /* Dummies because I am too lazy to hack the userspace tools.  */
      unsigned long kernel;
      unsigned long user;
      unsigned long exl;
      unsigned long unit_mask;

/* Per-architecture configury and hooks.  */
struct op_mips_model {
      void (*reg_setup) (struct op_counter_config *);
      void (*cpu_setup) (void * dummy);
      int (*init)(void);
      void (*exit)(void);
      void (*cpu_start)(void *args);
      void (*cpu_stop)(void *args);
      char *cpu_type;
      unsigned char num_counters;


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