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 * Blackfin Infra-red Driver
 * Copyright 2006-2008 Analog Devices Inc.
 * Enter bugs at http://blackfin.uclinux.org/
 * Licensed under the GPL-2 or later.

#include <linux/serial.h>
#include <asm/dma.h>
#include <asm/portmux.h>

#define SIR_UART_GET_CHAR(port)   bfin_read16((port)->membase + OFFSET_RBR)
#define SIR_UART_GET_DLL(port)    bfin_read16((port)->membase + OFFSET_DLL)
#define SIR_UART_GET_IER(port)    bfin_read16((port)->membase + OFFSET_IER)
#define SIR_UART_GET_DLH(port)    bfin_read16((port)->membase + OFFSET_DLH)
#define SIR_UART_GET_IIR(port)    bfin_read16((port)->membase + OFFSET_IIR)
#define SIR_UART_GET_LCR(port)    bfin_read16((port)->membase + OFFSET_LCR)
#define SIR_UART_GET_GCTL(port)   bfin_read16((port)->membase + OFFSET_GCTL)

#define SIR_UART_PUT_CHAR(port, v) bfin_write16(((port)->membase + OFFSET_THR), v)
#define SIR_UART_PUT_DLL(port, v)  bfin_write16(((port)->membase + OFFSET_DLL), v)
#define SIR_UART_PUT_IER(port, v)  bfin_write16(((port)->membase + OFFSET_IER), v)
#define SIR_UART_PUT_DLH(port, v)  bfin_write16(((port)->membase + OFFSET_DLH), v)
#define SIR_UART_PUT_LCR(port, v)  bfin_write16(((port)->membase + OFFSET_LCR), v)
#define SIR_UART_PUT_GCTL(port, v) bfin_write16(((port)->membase + OFFSET_GCTL), v)

struct dma_rx_buf {
      char *buf;
      int head;
      int tail;
#endif /* CONFIG_SIR_BFIN_DMA */

struct bfin_sir_port {
      unsigned char __iomem   *membase;
      unsigned int            irq;
      unsigned int            lsr;
      unsigned long           clk;
      struct net_device       *dev;
      int                     tx_done;
      struct dma_rx_buf       rx_dma_buf;
      struct timer_list       rx_dma_timer;
      int                     rx_dma_nrows;
#endif /* CONFIG_SIR_BFIN_DMA */
      unsigned int            tx_dma_channel;
      unsigned int            rx_dma_channel;

struct bfin_sir_port sir_ports[BFIN_UART_NR_PORTS];

struct bfin_sir_port_res {
      unsigned long   base_addr;
      int             irq;
      unsigned int    rx_dma_channel;
      unsigned int    tx_dma_channel;

struct bfin_sir_port_res bfin_sir_port_resource[] = {

int nr_sirs = ARRAY_SIZE(bfin_sir_port_resource);

struct bfin_sir_self {
      struct bfin_sir_port    *sir_port;
      spinlock_t              lock;
      unsigned int            open;
      int                     speed;
      int                     newspeed;

      struct sk_buff          *txskb;
      struct sk_buff          *rxskb;
      struct net_device_stats stats;
      struct device           *dev;
      struct irlap_cb         *irlap;
      struct qos_info         qos;

      iobuff_t                tx_buff;
      iobuff_t                rx_buff;

      struct work_struct      work;
      int                     mtt;

static inline unsigned int SIR_UART_GET_LSR(struct bfin_sir_port *port)
      unsigned int lsr = bfin_read16(port->membase + OFFSET_LSR);
      port->lsr |= (lsr & (BI|FE|PE|OE));
      return lsr | port->lsr;

static inline void SIR_UART_CLEAR_LSR(struct bfin_sir_port *port)
      port->lsr = 0;
      bfin_read16(port->membase + OFFSET_LSR);

#define DRIVER_NAME "bfin_sir"

static int bfin_sir_hw_init(void)
      int ret = -ENODEV;
      ret = peripheral_request(P_UART0_TX, DRIVER_NAME);
      if (ret)
            return ret;
      ret = peripheral_request(P_UART0_RX, DRIVER_NAME);
      if (ret)
            return ret;
      return ret;

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