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/* memreg.h:  Definitions of the values found in the synchronous
 *            and asynchronous memory error registers when a fault
 *            occurs on the sun4c.
 * Copyright (C) 1995 David S. Miller (davem@caip.rutgers.edu)

/* First the synchronous error codes, these are usually just
 * normal page faults.

#define SUN4C_SYNC_WDRESET   0x0001  /* watchdog reset */
#define SUN4C_SYNC_SIZE      0x0002  /* bad access size? whuz this? */
#define SUN4C_SYNC_PARITY    0x0008  /* bad ram chips caused a parity error */
#define SUN4C_SYNC_SBUS      0x0010  /* the SBUS had some problems... */
#define SUN4C_SYNC_NOMEM     0x0020  /* translation to non-existent ram */
#define SUN4C_SYNC_PROT      0x0040  /* access violated pte protections */
#define SUN4C_SYNC_NPRESENT  0x0080  /* pte said that page was not present */
#define SUN4C_SYNC_BADWRITE  0x8000  /* while writing something went bogus */


/* Now the asynchronous error codes, these are almost always produced
 * by the cache writing things back to memory and getting a bad translation.
 * Bad DVMA transactions can cause these faults too.

#define SUN4C_ASYNC_BADDVMA 0x0010  /* error during DVMA access */
#define SUN4C_ASYNC_NOMEM   0x0020  /* write back pointed to bad phys addr */
#define SUN4C_ASYNC_BADWB   0x0080  /* write back points to non-present page */

/* Memory parity error register with associated bit constants. */
#ifndef __ASSEMBLY__
extern __volatile__ unsigned long __iomem *sun4c_memerr_reg;

#define     SUN4C_MPE_ERROR   0x80  /* Parity error detected. (ro) */
#define     SUN4C_MPE_MULTI   0x40  /* Multiple parity errors detected. (ro) */
#define     SUN4C_MPE_TEST    0x20  /* Write inverse parity. (rw) */
#define     SUN4C_MPE_CHECK   0x10  /* Enable parity checking. (rw) */
#define     SUN4C_MPE_ERR00   0x08  /* Parity error in bits 0-7. (ro) */
#define     SUN4C_MPE_ERR08   0x04  /* Parity error in bits 8-15. (ro) */
#define     SUN4C_MPE_ERR16   0x02  /* Parity error in bits 16-23. (ro) */
#define     SUN4C_MPE_ERR24   0x01  /* Parity error in bits 24-31. (ro) */
#define     SUN4C_MPE_ERRS    0x0F  /* Bit mask for the error bits. (ro) */

#endif /* !(_SPARC_MEMREG_H) */

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