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 * NVRAM definitions and access functions.
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 * modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
 * as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version
 * 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.


#include <linux/errno.h>

#define NVRW_CNT 0x20
#define NVRAM_HEADER_LEN 16 /* sizeof(struct nvram_header) */
#define NVRAM_BLOCK_LEN 16

#define NVRAM_AS0  0x74
#define NVRAM_AS1  0x75
#define NVRAM_DATA 0x77

/* RTC Offsets */

#define MOTO_RTC_SECONDS      0x1FF9
#define MOTO_RTC_MINUTES      0x1FFA
#define MOTO_RTC_HOURS        0x1FFB
#define MOTO_RTC_MONTH        0x1FFE
#define MOTO_RTC_YEAR         0x1FFF
#define MOTO_RTC_CONTROLA       0x1FF8
#define MOTO_RTC_CONTROLB       0x1FF9

#define NVRAM_SIG_SP    0x02  /* support processor */
#define NVRAM_SIG_OF    0x50  /* open firmware config */
#define NVRAM_SIG_FW    0x51  /* general firmware */
#define NVRAM_SIG_HW    0x52  /* hardware (VPD) */
#define NVRAM_SIG_FLIP  0x5a  /* Apple flip/flop header */
#define NVRAM_SIG_APPL  0x5f  /* Apple "system" (???) */
#define NVRAM_SIG_SYS   0x70  /* system env vars */
#define NVRAM_SIG_CFG   0x71  /* config data */
#define NVRAM_SIG_ELOG  0x72  /* error log */
#define NVRAM_SIG_VEND  0x7e  /* vendor defined */
#define NVRAM_SIG_FREE  0x7f  /* Free space */
#define NVRAM_SIG_OS    0xa0  /* OS defined */
#define NVRAM_SIG_PANIC 0xa1  /* Apple OSX "panic" */

/* If change this size, then change the size of NVNAME_LEN */
struct nvram_header {
      unsigned char signature;
      unsigned char checksum;
      unsigned short length;
      char name[12];

#ifdef __KERNEL__

#include <linux/list.h>

struct nvram_partition {
      struct list_head partition;
      struct nvram_header header;
      unsigned int index;

extern int nvram_write_error_log(char * buff, int length,
                               unsigned int err_type, unsigned int err_seq);
extern int nvram_read_error_log(char * buff, int length,
                               unsigned int * err_type, unsigned int *err_seq);
extern int nvram_clear_error_log(void);
extern struct nvram_partition *nvram_find_partition(int sig, const char *name);

extern int pSeries_nvram_init(void);

extern int mmio_nvram_init(void);
static inline int mmio_nvram_init(void)
      return -ENODEV;

#endif /* __KERNEL__ */

/* PowerMac specific nvram stuffs */

enum {
      pmac_nvram_OF,          /* Open Firmware partition */
      pmac_nvram_XPRAM, /* MacOS XPRAM partition */
      pmac_nvram_NR           /* MacOS Name Registry partition */

#ifdef __KERNEL__
/* Return partition offset in nvram */
extern int  pmac_get_partition(int partition);

/* Direct access to XPRAM on PowerMacs */
extern u8   pmac_xpram_read(int xpaddr);
extern void pmac_xpram_write(int xpaddr, u8 data);

/* Synchronize NVRAM */
extern void nvram_sync(void);

/* Normal access to NVRAM */
extern unsigned char nvram_read_byte(int i);
extern void nvram_write_byte(unsigned char c, int i);

/* Some offsets in XPRAM */
#define PMAC_XPRAM_MACHINE_LOC      0xe4
#define PMAC_XPRAM_SOUND_VOLUME     0x08

/* Machine location structure in PowerMac XPRAM */
struct pmac_machine_location {
      unsigned int      latitude;   /* 2+30 bit Fractional number */
      unsigned int      longitude;  /* 2+30 bit Fractional number */
      unsigned int      delta;            /* mix of GMT delta and DLS */

 * /dev/nvram ioctls
 * Note that PMAC_NVRAM_GET_OFFSET is still supported, but is
 * definitely obsolete. Do not use it if you can avoid it

                        _IOWR('p', 0x40, int)

#define IOC_NVRAM_GET_OFFSET  _IOWR('p', 0x42, int)   /* Get NVRAM partition offset */
#define IOC_NVRAM_SYNC        _IO('p', 0x43)          /* Sync NVRAM image */

#endif /* _ASM_POWERPC_NVRAM_H */

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